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Merrill’s War on Space Continues

As part of an initiative to revamp sports medicine at Bates and better support student-athletes’ well-being, the Athletic Department has decided to repurpose the second and last on-campus convertible squash/racquetball court into a physical training room.


Goldman Sachs Comes to Bates

Many consider Goldman Sachs to be the most powerful and influential investment banking company in the US, if not the world. The multinational company as of 2018 has a revenue of $36.62 billion, has $1.542 trillion assets under management, and employs around 36,600 people. On Saturday, April 27, six Bates alumni working at Goldman Sachs […]

MLK and Masculinity

Letter to the Editor, The Bates Student

Say Yes to Fulbright


Making Space for Introverts at Bates

When you have to stand up in front of the entire class and present, do you feel your stomach drop? Does visiting your professor’s office hours make you cringe? What about being at a party or a dance? Do you find these events to be anxiety-inducing beforehand, even if you have a good time in […]

Democrats in Division

Happy Endings

The Art of Saying Goodbye

Arts & Leisure

Mindfulness is Essential

Mental health is a popular topic amongst the Bates student body. There are GPAs to maintain, careers to plan, social lives to balance and an unending list of things that we tackle everyday. It can all get overwhelming, especially when emotional and physical health are in the picture; balancing everything together can be challenging and […]

Skin Care Routine of the Week: Living with Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome

“After” Unintentionally Gives a Good Laugh

Currier Works Toward Best Bates Dance Festival Yet


Bates Rowing Cruises Towards Postseason

The Bates Men’s and Women’s Rowing teams continued their excellent run of results over the weekend, with both teams posting multiple wins at Holy Cross and the President’s Cup Regatta. With both programs coming off strong performances at WPI, the races at Holy Cross and the President’s Cup presented a tremendous opportunity to build momentum […]

Merrill’s War on Space Continues

Run Like the Wind

Bates Tennis Optimizes Short-Term for Success