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Jared Golden '11 Releases Statement of Support for Bates Union Efforts
Sacha Feldberg, Assistant News Editor • October 7, 2021

Maine 2nd District Congressman Jared Golden ‘11 came out with a statement Wednesday in support of Bates faculty and staff workers in their efforts to organize a union – a hot topic at Bates right now.  As someone who grew up and attended college in Lewiston, Golden has personal connections to...

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The chalk outside of Commons is just one of numerous places that messages of support for BESO can be found around campus.
Bates Faculty and Staff Promote the Organization of a Union
Ellie Wolfe, Elizabeth LaCroix, and Sacha Feldberg October 6, 2021

A group called the Bates Educators and Staff Organization (BESO) has emerged this week advocating for the creation of a union for adjunct faculty and staff members on campus.  Members of the organization include “non-tenure track faculty, custodial, dining, athletics, student affairs, library staff,...

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Bates Spends $80,000 on a New WRBC Radio Tower
Bates Spends $80,000 on a New WRBC Radio Tower
Ella Beiser, Contributing Writer • October 6, 2021

A new radio tower was installed for WRBC, Bates’ student-run radio station, after the station faced transmission difficulties caused by a corroded radio tower. The new tower began transmitting Sept. 9 and a fence surrounding it was installed and completed on Sept. 17 according to Mary Pols, the Bates...

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“I think we need to start by questioning why we are lacking in diversity. Why is Bates not an attractive institution to more Black staff and Black students? Starting to form an answer to that question and then fixing the problems pointed out by the question can get us going in the right direction.”
“Iola”: A Conversation With Kara Neal on Diversity
Joseph Vann, Contributing Writer • October 13, 2021
The chalk outside of Commons is just one of numerous places that messages of support for BESO can be found around campus.
Students Stand in Solidarity With the Bates Educators & Staff Organization
Friends of the Bates Educators & Staff Organization October 6, 2021
“The quietness and small size of the Arcade allows for a more consistent and socially protective space, since your table and its numbers are not on public display.” The Arcade provides a different physical, and aesthetic, space for students to dine.
Exploring the Arcade
Najá Crockett, Managing Features Editor • October 6, 2021
Statement Regarding Our Most Recent Union Update
Jackson Elkins, Editor-in-Chief • October 14, 2021
SNL Showcases Frustrations with Democrat Holdout Krysten Sinema
Sophie Mackin, Assistant Forum Editor • October 13, 2021
Pro BESO and What’s New in Union Busting
Sadie Basila, Managing Forum Editor • October 13, 2021
Residence Life Coordinators: A Step in the Right Direction
Alexi Knight October 6, 2021
A Personal Narrative of On Campus Sexual Harrassment
Anonymous October 6, 2021
Letter to the Editor: Anti-Zionist Graffiti is inherently Antisemitic
Michael Lieber '92 May 24, 2021
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