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Students Push for Representation on Newly-formed Fall Planning and Finance Committees
Madeline Polkinghorn, Managing Editor • April 22, 2020

On April 14, 2020 President Clayton Spencer announced that the College would institute two ad-hoc committees as part of its larger institutional response to COVID-19. These committees include a Fall Planning committee, co-chaired by Associate Professor of Politics Senam Aslan and Vice President for Campus...

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“Bringing Bates to You” Helps Bridge the Gap to Prospective and Admitted Students
Vanessa Paolella and Jackson Elkins April 22, 2020

While much about the next few months is uncertain, we can be sure that regardless as to whether classes are still online by then or not, there will be a new school year come September. With every new school year comes a new first-year class, and this year’s, the Class of 2024, faces an unprecedented...

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Sex Therapist Answers COVID-19 Intimacy Questions
Georgina Scoville, Design Editor • April 13, 2020

Several weeks ago, The Student had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Wiessner, a local sex therapist. Wiessner is a clinical social worker, certified sex therapist, sex educator, workshop creator, and sexual health innovator in Maine; also important to note is that she is one of only five sex therapists...

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Virtual Senior Thesis Binding


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