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Jolie’s illustration for Chapter 6, “Around Your Finger,” represents feelings of smallness at school through a person trapped in a lunch tray.

“Every Speck of Rain, a World:” Selbrede’s Life Through Raindrops

Isaac Williams, Contributing Writer April 13, 2022

Oftentimes, I think of memoirs as stuffy reflections written by people who are much farther down in life and who carry vastly different experiences than me. As a result, they’ve never been my go-to....

Paris Texas is one new act to watch, with two EPs currently available on Spotify.

Who’s Next Up in Hip Hop?

Robby Haynos, Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor April 13, 2022

The biggest accomplishment a hip hop head can have is discovering someone who’s about to blow up. I personally can lay a claim to being early on the J. Cole and Joey Bada$$ hype trains. But trying to...

Mathieu Moutou ‘22, a music and mathematics double major, will have his senior recital on April 10 at 7:30 PM.

When Melancholy is Welcome: An Interview with Mathieu Moutou ‘22

Isaac Williams, Contributing Writer April 6, 2022

As college semesters come to a close, seniors are frantically hustling to get everything in order for their grand finales. While the familiar hurrahs of thesis bindings are what are most common at these...

An Edible Books Festival: Follow the Rules and Break Them Too

An Edible Books Festival: Follow the Rules and Break Them Too

Robby Haynos, Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor April 6, 2022

I think one of the main benefits that college life offers is the fact that college is a safe space to do whatever you want. At college, you can take advantage of resources and opportunities you’d seldom...

Melting Pot Achieves Nirvana

Olivia Dimond, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor April 6, 2022

The week of March 9, 2020 was a very strange time to be on campus. Colleges throughout the country began to close. At every Commons meal, a new piece of cutlery or tableware was suddenly plastic. 100,...

Me (right) and my roommate before Gala 2019. Credit: Olivia Dimond/The Bates Student

Get Ready for Gala: Advice from A Senior

Olivia Dimond, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor March 23, 2022

Despite being in the middle of an anxiety spiral for most of Gala weekend in 2019, the dance quickly rose to one of my favorite Bates traditions. I have (perhaps selfishly) long-awaited its return so that...

From left to right: Caroline Cassell ‘24 (Antigone), Kush Sharma ‘23 (Nick) and Jacob Dimartini ‘22 (Kreon) star in Bates’s production of “Antigonick,” Anne Carson’s radical translation of the Greek play “Antigone.” Credit: Charlie Gainey/The Bates Student

“Antigonick” Collides Modern Context and Ancient Story in Bates Production

Maple Buescher, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor March 23, 2022

Whenever a theater company decides to stage an old play—such as Anne Carson’s “Antigonick,” a translation of “Antigone,” written by Sophacles in 441 B.C.E.—there is a present and potent question...

Paris Fashion Week not only showed off the newest trends for the Fall and Winter seasons, but touched on current political issues, such as the invasion of Ukraine.

Paris Fashion Week 2022: Big Name Designers Roundup

Elizabeth Patrick, Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor March 16, 2022

With world-wide tension growing as war in Ukraine continues, the conflict is at the forefront of every industry’s headlines, including the fashion industry. Already a brand in the limelight, Balenciaga...

Netflix’s “The Power of the Dog” leads the pack with twelve nominations at the 94th Oscars, including nods for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch (r).

Academy Awards 2022: What Should Win

Anastasia Fowler, Contributing Writer March 16, 2022

With the 94th Oscars only two weeks away, cinephiles are beginning to work on their ballots for the exciting day. While 2020 was a disappointing year for movies thanks to the pandemic, 2021 is a promising...

Ben Hoffinger ’22 (r) has been a member of Circus Club since his first year at Bates.

Enriching the Soul at the Circus: An Interview with Ben Hoffinger ‘22

Isaac Williams, Contributing Writer March 16, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the word circus? Does a fond memory of gobbling down popcorn as a performer flys by on a trapeze come to mind? Or do you think of a clown juggling an unfathomable amount...

“The Seraph” features two couples, Max Younger ‘22 and Miles Hagerdorn ‘25 (pictured) and Sadie Basila ‘23 and David Walker ‘24, singing counterpoint duets and cradling each other, while fifth cast member Liv Silva ‘22 strummed along on the guitar.

35MM Celebrates Life’s Little Moments

Maple Buescher, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor March 9, 2022

Of all of the powerful, show-stopping moments in “35MM,” there are many that could be my favorite: the delightfully creepy ending of “Leave Luanne,” the climax, complete with a disco ball and glitter...

My Favorite Pizza in Maine

Robby Haynos, Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor March 9, 2022

Pizza is awesome, isn’t it? There’s nothing more universally loved in this country than dough, sauce and cheese. A good slice of pizza is a special kind of joy, a literal slice of heaven that dismisses...

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