The Bates Student

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Vanessa Paolella Editor in Chief See Vanessa Paolella’s profile
See Vanessa Paolella’s profile
Madeline Polkinghorn Managing Editor See Madeline Polkinghorn’s profile
See Madeline Polkinghorn’s profile
Christina Leonard Digital Editor See Christina Leonard’s profile
See Christina Leonard’s profile
Amelia Keleher Managing News Editor See Amelia Keleher’s profile
See Amelia Keleher’s profile
Ellie Wolfe Assistant News Editor See Ellie Wolfe’s profile
See Ellie Wolfe’s profile
Elizabeth LaCroix Assistant News Editor See Elizabeth LaCroix’s profile
See Elizabeth LaCroix’s profile
Najá Crockett Managing Features Editor See Najá Crockett’s profile
See Najá Crockett’s profile
Fiona Cohen Assistant Features Editor See Fiona Cohen’s profile
See Fiona Cohen’s profile
Samuel Poulos Assistant Features Editor See Samuel Poulos’s profile
See Samuel Poulos’s profile
Miles Nabritt Managing Forum Editor See Miles Nabritt’s profile
See Miles Nabritt’s profile
Skye Brown Assistant Forum Editor See Skye Brown’s profile
See Skye Brown’s profile
Eleanor Boyle Managing Arts & Leisure Editor See Eleanor Boyle’s profile
See Eleanor Boyle’s profile
Jessica Gross Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor See Jessica Gross’s profile
See Jessica Gross’s profile
Olivia Dimond Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor See Olivia Dimond’s profile
See Olivia Dimond’s profile
Jackson Elkins Managing Sports Editor See Jackson Elkins’s profile
See Jackson Elkins’s profile
Julia Bisson Assistant Sports Editor See Julia Bisson’s profile
See Julia Bisson’s profile
Georgina Scoville Design Editor See Georgina Scoville’s profile
See Georgina Scoville’s profile
Max Devon Assistant Design Editor See Max Devon’s profile
See Max Devon’s profile
Dieter Villegas Layout Editor See Dieter Villegas’s profile
See Dieter Villegas’s profile
Sadie Basila Copy Editor See Sadie Basila’s profile
See Sadie Basila’s profile
Sophie Mackin Copy Editor See Sophie Mackin’s profile
See Sophie Mackin’s profile
Katherine Merisotis Photographer See Katherine Merisotis’s profile
See Katherine Merisotis’s profile
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