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Bates Weather

Kaitlyn Boehm, Cartoonist April 7, 2021

IN THE WAY: a Bates College Experience

IN THE WAY: a Bates College Experience

Brian J. Evans, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in Dance March 24, 2021

Lecturer in Dance Brian J. Evans came to Bates last fall after earning his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Dance from the University of Washington, Seattle Campus. Beginning a tenure-track position is a...

Forum Focus Episode 7: Reflecting about Atlanta and the Asian community

March 24, 2021 Ellie, Jamari, and Miles take some time to discuss the recent shooting in Atlanta, Georgia and how we can better support the Asian-American community.

Forum Focus Episode 6: Rebuilding Spaces

Eleanor Boyle and Miles Nabritt March 24, 2021

Managing Forum Editor Miles Nabritt and Managing Arts and Leisure Editor Ellie Boyle return with Forum Focus to talk about the environment on campus and in society at large in 2021.

Making Things Worse: Bates Botches It…Twice

Gabriel Coffey March 17, 2021

Don’t you just love academic institutions that tout an egalitarian student-first pedagogy, innovative spirit, and vibrant sense of community? Well, then, Bates might not be the right place for you.  Or...

One Year Later: Ode To A Change In Times

Miles Nabritt, Managing Forum Editor March 17, 2021

It was March 13 when our world turned upside down           Our campus fell silent in an eerie stir        With nothing left to allure   Soon no classes were in-person, neither were campus...

The Puddle

The Puddle

Yuri Kim March 10, 2021

Derelict Diplomacy

Gabriel Coffey March 9, 2021

The United States is losing interest in the Middle East. This disenchantment with the region speaks to the growing sentiment in the foreign policy community that the region is, and always was, an overly...

Governor Cuomo has been accused of falsely reporting COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes and engaging in inappropriate advances toward women in recent days.

New York At Its Worst: The Case of Andrew Cuomo

Miles Nabritt, Managing Forum Editor March 9, 2021

It has happened again. Now, we are witnesses to another male politician facing the repercussions of a career built off the suffering of other people. This time it is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who...

Clubhouse: Is It Safe To Use?

Miles Nabritt, Managing Forum Editor March 3, 2021

As we are all trying to do our best to continue communicating with each other while social distancing, the new app Clubhouse has gathered remarkable attraction from entrepreneurs and influencers around...

Reflections on the Extended Winter Break in the Hampton Inn

Reflections on the Extended Winter Break in the Hampton Inn

Nicole Kumbula and Eliana Al-Konsul March 2, 2021

On Monday Feb. 8, I woke up really excited to be moving back to campus from the Hampton Inn. I had signed up for the 9:30 a.m. shuttle, because I couldn't wait. It was just going to be a five minute ride,...

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