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Professor Brian Evans performing Busking for Reparations under the library arcade. All photos provided by Kari Mosel.

Busking for Reparations: A Bid for Repair through Art

Ella Beiser, Editor-in-Chief June 19, 2024

A wild rainstorm blows across campus, drenching people as they hurry between buildings. Hiding from the torrent, I'm standing with a small group of students and faculty under the library arcade listening...

Photo provided by Andrew Shepard.

New Confidential Resource Advisor Hopes to Revamp Prevention Programming, Connect with Students

Ella Beiser, Editor-in-Chief May 22, 2024

Andrew Shepard was hired as the new Confidential Resource Advisor (CRA), filling a position after a nearly semester-long vacancy. Formerly known as the Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate (SAVA), the...

Total eclipse viewed on Sugarloaf Mountain on April 8, 2024.

Total Skiclipse of the Heart

Hannah Kothari, Digital Editor April 11, 2024

April 8, 3:52 a.m. (AKA way too early in the morning)  Scrambling out of bed to the all-too familiar sound of my alarm, I nearly convinced myself it wasn't worth it. I had seen a sliver of the last...

Roommate falling out turned romance novel

Roommate falling out turned romance novel

April 9, 2024

Dear Bert, My college best friend and roommate (who I deeply care about) and I recently had a major falling out. It's made me realize I might have had stronger feelings for them than just friendship....

Students walk across the stage of Gomes Chapel at the Africana Fashion Show. (Photo provided by Mark Mattos at

Africana Fashion Show Shines

Ashley Taylor, Social Media Editor March 31, 2024

On Friday, March 16, the Africana Club hosted their annual Africana Fashion Show in Gomes Chapel. This event involved dancers, singers, spoken word, and the main spectacle, a fashion show.  To begin,...

Screenshot of the Snaggletooth microissue 12, published winter of 2024.

Snaggletooth: The Wonderfully Peculiar Literary Magazine

Sydney Schuster, Managing Features Editor March 19, 2024

Do you ever feel yourself jutting out from the norm? Sticking out a bit? Perchance feeling unserious, peculiar, or exceptionally introspective? If any of these feelings resonate with you, the inner workings...

Bobcat Express drivers pictured. (Left to right) Steve Sabine, Star Hemphill, Ric Mcqueeney and Herb Saucier.

Meet Your Bobcat Express Drivers

Miles Kaufman, Staff Writer March 19, 2024

Of all the employees on campus, there are some who are privy to many of our most closely guarded secrets, who know us by name and have borne witness to the bare musings of our souls. These are, of course,...

President Garry Jenkins holding a picture of him and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Let’s Get Personal: A Chat with Garry W. Jenkins

Hannah Kothari, Digital Editor March 19, 2024

“Alright, we’re rollin.’”  As I started recording our conversation, I glanced around the freshly decorated room. I observed that we were not alone, but rather accompanied by an audience of...

Dear Bert: Is Spaghetti a Salad?

Dear Bert: Is Spaghetti a Salad?

Bert March 19, 2024

Dear Bert, Is spaghetti a salad? Is a hotdog a sandwich? And is cereal a soup?    Dear Foodie Philosopher(s),  Alas, ever since I began sharing my wisdom with you all, I have feared...

SEX WEEK | The Simple Art of Consent

SEX WEEK | The Simple Art of Consent

Catalina Passino, Executive Managing Editor March 17, 2024

We’ve all seen the tea video. (If you haven’t, take three minutes out of your day and get with the times.) Essentially, the video covers sexual activity and consent through the metaphor of offering...

SEX WEEK: What Does Love Mean To You?

SEX WEEK: What Does Love Mean To You?

Patrick Berbon, Staff Writer March 16, 2024

“Love” is a word that means many different things to different people. This is a series of brief interviews that captures what love means to 15 Bates students.    Lauren Cockrill ‘26 Love...

Chase Buzzell 25 and Rylee Eaton 25 in the Condom Cab outside of Commons.

SEX WEEK | Fact or Fable?

Nicola Lynch-Collier, Managing Forum Editor March 15, 2024

Wrap it before you tap it. Don’t be silly, wrap your willy. No glove, no love. Cover your stump before you hump. I’m sure we are all familiar with each of these phrases (well… maybe not the last...

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