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F.A.B. Night at the Franco Center

On the evening of Saturday, Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m., members of the Lewiston community, local dancers, dance companies, and several Bates students gathered at the Gendron Franco Center for the 14th Annual Winter Franco and Bates Dance Showcase (F.A.B.). F.A.B. featured 14 pieces of dance in various genres such as hip hop, modern, and ensemble-based dance and included performances from Bates’ very own Sara Hollenberg ’19, Johanna Hayes ’19 2 B.E.A.T.S, and recent Bates graduate Jorge Piccole ’18. The F.A.B showcase is a great opportunity for the Bates and Lewiston communities to come together via the medium of dance while also including several dance companies and groups from the greater Portland area. The dance showcase brought to light the various forms of dance present within our communities. A handful of pieces had strong messages, others told stories, and some focused on the technicality and precision of movement.

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360 Shows Bring New Theater Voices to Bates

This past weekend, directing majors Ellie Yguico ’20 and Luis David Molina Rueda ’20 put on their shows in a double billed back-to-back night of theater in Black Box. Yguico and Rueda directed the program as an independent study in directing, one act plays that students studying the Directing track of the theatre major at Bates complete as their “360 show.” The purpose of the 360 experience is to give the director a chance to work on a smaller, more intimate piece of theater and hone their creative voice.

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Students Collaborate and Celebrate in SANG AI Asia

Every year, the student-run cultural evening Sangai Asia is organized by the club of the same name to celebrate Asian cultures and the students who represent them on Bates’ campus. The event’s title is fitting: the word Sangai is a combination of two Hindi words SANG and AI and translates to coming together to promote solidarity. This year’s performance took place on the 25th of January.

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Skosh’s Multi-Genre “Shaking the Ghost” Defies Convention

If you are looking for a fun, local, Phish-meets-Dave-Matthews-Band group, than look no further! Meet the band Skosh. Skosh is based in Lewiston/Auburn and has amassed quite a following from Bates students and in the greater Portland and coast areas. So, I jumped at the opportunity to listen to an up-and-coming local band and review their new album “Shaking the Ghost.”

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Robinson Players’ 24 Hour Musical Success

After only one twelve-hour-long rehearsal in various locales in Pettigrew Hall, twenty five cast members, a nine person tech crew, two costume designers, a choreographer, musical director, and director put on an original musical on Saturday night. The “24 Hour Musical” included 10 musical numbers in total, with 3 fully choreographed large ensemble numbers. Performers learned and memorized choreography and lyrics day-of and utilized scripts when necessary. Costume designers Sara Hollenberg ’19 and Drew Murdock ’21 pulled, pieced together, and created costumes throughout the day on Saturday.

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Skin Care Routine of the Week: Less is More

Too many hours of my adolescence were spent pouring over the videos of prominent YouTube beauty gurus. I routinely absorbed their gospel, blowing my meager allowance on overpriced makeup and skincare products. All the women in my family were born with naturally glowing skin. I put my faith in the potentiality that the right combination of name brands would make my skin look that way, too.

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How to Break Free from the Resolution Rut

We’re a month into the second semester and already the snowy weather and freezing temperatures seem to be taking their toll. As the weather outside gets bleaker, is your outlook for the New Year following suit? It’s hard, especially in these winter months, to keep up with New Year’s Resolutions, but you’re not alone. According to surveys, about 80 percent of the US population gives up on their resolutions by February. So, if you have already done so or are afraid that you might call it quits on your resolution, I have some tips on how to revise your goal into one that is successful. 1. Make sure your resolution is actually “your” resolution.

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On Getting Through Your Final Semester…

Primarily and above all else: keep calm. Don’t get caught up in how many days you have left to get a job, find an apartment, and emotionally process the enormous change you’re about to experience. Unless having a countdown app on your phone will motivate you in a strictly positive and rewarding way, don’t grant yourself that sort of information on a constant basis.

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Motivation with Maru

Hullo hullo my feisty friends! How goes it? I hope this fresh installment of MWM finds you well and warm whenever and wherever you’re reading this, and that the new semester is being good to you thus far! In this shpeel I’m going to dish out some tips for starting the new year on a high note here at Bates:

Want to start going to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but haven’t worked it into your schedule yet? Want to get a jumpstart on your fieldwork for your Education class but haven’t gotten in touch with your host teacher yet? THE TIME IS NOW. Stop dreaming and start DOING!

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A Skin Care Routine To Find Balance

Have you ever had a flare up of hand, foot, and mouth disease? Have you ever gotten a fever that manifests in a full body rash? Have you ever gotten impetigo on your left butt cheek? Have you ever gotten a rash on your inner thighs from drastic temperature changes, or gotten sunburn so severe that your stomach turned purple? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we should totally be friends. Because let me tell you, I can relate…to all of it.

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