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The Return of the Bates Arts Festival

Fiona Cohen

February 26, 2020

The Bates Arts Festival returned to Olin arts Center on Feb. 7 after a two-year hiatus. Up until two years ago, Bates had hosted an annual art crawl in order to show student work. The current goal of the festival is to exhibit what is happening at Olin Arts Center in new and creative ways. The f...

Dancing Will Save Lives At Upcoming Dance Marathon

Olivia Dimond

February 26, 2020

            It’s that time of year again. Your fellow Batesies are posting on social media about the Dance Marathon for the children’s hospital, and they’re asking you to donate. You read the little blurb about the kids, think about the s...

More than Just a Conversation: Review of Who Will Sing for Lena?

Eleanor Boyle

February 26, 2020

content warning: discussion of rape and sexual assault “He raped me. He raped me. He raped.” These lines are repeated throughout the short play “Who Will Sing For Lena?” which was presented February 12th at Bates College. The play relays the story of Lena Mae Baker, the only woman to be exe...

VCS Student Showcase Wows

Elizabeth Crawford

February 26, 2020

As expected, the Thursday before break seemed as if it would drag on forever. Thursday is never my favorite day of the week. It’s the day before Friday, the last real day, in my opinion, and as I go throughout Thursday, it seems as if my body freezes in the time of the day, as the clock continues ...

Where to Buy Weed in L/A


February 26, 2020

Thanks to the Marijuana Legalization Act which took effect in Maine in 2016, there has been a plethora of new marijuana dispensaries popping up in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Although marijuana is not legal on the Bates College campus, this article aims to be a source of information for those who enjoy can...

An Interview with @batescommonscrushes

Amisha Kalra

February 26, 2020

There are many ideas that make Bates a small, tight-knit community. Some are perpetuated by the faculty, some by the administration, and some (arguably the best) by students. Things such as the Puddle Jump, Newman’s Day, Bobcat Den Delivery, and many more unify Bates students together. One of these ...

The Instagram Thrift Store Taking Over Campus

Ellie Wolfe

February 26, 2020

     Megan Lacey ’23 and Alice Cockerham ’23 had no idea what would happen when they created their online thrift store @CampusAve. “I kind of went into it with no expectations,” Lacey said. “We thought it could work but we didn’t put like millions of dollars into i...

Puddle Jump 2020 Photos

David Chen, Photographer

February 8, 2020

Photos take by David Chen '23 ...

Grammys Congratulate Progressive Sound for Some but not Others

Naja Crockett

February 5, 2020

At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish won Album, Record and Song of the Year on top of winning Best New Artist, and she’s just 18 years old. This historic accomplishment is the first in nearly four decades, and she is the first ever woman to do so. This is a huge win for the teenage sta...

Sangai Asia Night

Pippin Evarts, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

February 5, 2020

Bates’ Sangai Asia Night is, to put it bluntly, so much fun and incredibly lovely. This event, which happens every year during the winter semester, celebrates Asian cultures through student performances. The performances range from dance performances, to poetry readings, to musical pieces. As the ...

Self Care: Bachelor Edition

Anne Blakslee

February 5, 2020

ABC’s “The Bachelor” airs as an opportunity for viewing routines and moments of non-academic group “activity.” This season is full of your weekly dose of reality television drama, and provides an excuse to spend time with the people who surround you.   As campus becomes less populated by the que...

Meet the Bates Arts Festival Coordinators

Olivia Dimond

February 5, 2020

One of the hallmark projects of the Bates Arts Collaborative, a faculty committee, was the Bates Arts Crawl, a campus-wide celebration of the visual, literary, and performing arts at Bates. The last Arts Crawl occurred in the winter semester of 2018. However, last fall the committee decided to find a new w...

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