Straight Out The Lew: Football Predictions

Who Will Win the AFC Championship?

Dylan: Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes has reached his fifth consecutive AFC championship game, his second in a row against Joe Burrow’s Bengals. It’s tough to beat a team back to back years in the NFL playoffs, especially a Patrick Mahomes-led squad. So far this season there hasn’t been an answer for Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense. I see that trend continuing into next weekend with the Chiefs coming out on top.

Luke: Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow was able to do it last year, so why not again. The Bengals are riding a 10 game win streak currently and despite Patrick Mahomes lurking on the other side, I still believe the Bengals offense will be too much for the Chiefs’ defense to contain.

Chris: Kansas City Chiefs. I really like Joe Burrow and the Bengals, but the injuries on the offensive line paired with a taste of revenge for the Chiefs will get them across the finish line in the AFC. This will be a high scoring, entertaining game, and if the Bengals want to get back to the Super Bowl, they need to win the turnover battle and run the football. 

Who Will Win the NFC Championship?

Dylan: San Francisco 49ers. Since Brock Purdy has taken the helm of the 49ers offense, the 49ers have not found themselves in many uncomfortable situations. The same cannot be said about Jalen Hurts’ Eagles. Yes, the Eagles just steam rolled the New York Giants in the divisional round, but towards the end of the season they looked less and less like a one-seed in the NFL playoffs. The 49ers are just as good as or better than the Eagles at every position group besides maybe quarterback. And hey, Brock Purdy is starting to look like Brock Brady, so maybe they’ve got that group as well. I’ll take the Niners by a touchdown.

Luke: San Francisco 49ers. The Niners have been very consistent all season even with many injuries, but this will be Brock Purdy’s biggest test on the road in a hostile environment. However, I am not buying into the Eagles hype despite how well they have played all season as I still believe they lack complete playoff experience.

Chris: San Francisco 49ers. While I have my concerns about Brock Purdy, there is no doubt that the 49ers have the best roster in the NFC. I think this will be a close game, and as long as the 49ers contain Jalen Hurts on the ground, they will win in Philadelphia. There is no telling how a rookie will handle that type of crowd, but I trust the rest of the roster. 

Who Should Play QB for the San Francisco 49ers Next Season?

Dylan: Brock Purdy. Commanding the highest scoring offense in the NFL since becoming the starter, Brock Purdy looks set to become the starter for the Niners come next season barring any major meltdowns or injuries. As long as Purdy continues to trust his receivers, push the ball downfield, and maneuver well in the pocket, he will be set to have continued success in the NFL.

Luke: Trey Lance. Spending three first rounders on Trey Lance makes me believe that there is still faith in him as a player. Kyle Shanahan loves a playmaking quarterback and I think the talent is too good to pass up on and he will win the job preseason over Brock Purdy.

Chris: Tom Brady. The 49ers need to make a play for Tom Brady. Brady will no doubt want to play for his hometown team, but will the Niners make a play when they did not last time around? If they win the Super Bowl, the argument for Purdy is strong, but I think they need to make a play for Brady, and if they cannot get him, they roll with Purdy or Lance.