Preview: Football takes on Bowdoin in 125th annual Garnet Game

Tonight at 5:30 p.m. Bates takes on Bowdoin for their annual rivalry game. This will be the 125th time Bowdoin and Bates face off against each other, and it’s safe to say that after a big win last week against Amherst, the team will be rolling into this game ready for the challenge again.

All things considered, sophomore quarterback Colton Bosselait is ready for the challenge tonight. 

“After a big win last week, I think we are all excited and ready to play,”  Bosselait said. He also emphasized that the entire team is playing with a lot more confidence than they had in the weeks before. 

Game plan wise, Bates wants to try and take away Bowdoin’s most talented players, with the hopes of making their worse players try to make plays. If the team can control the flow of the game, they are confident that when the final whistle blows Bates will be on top and heading into their fifth matchup with an even record, ready to make a push for a title this year.

With all of the strategic parts out of the way, the most imperative part of the game is an external element: the fans. They need each and every one of the students here at Bates to come cheer them on for this big game. With Bates homecoming happening this weekend, and the big game emphasis on their matchup tonight, there should be no shortage of fans in attendance.

When asked about what fans can do to help them win the game tonight, Bosselait stressed the fact that the fans should “be loud, and make it tough on their coaches getting plays in” and that everyone “bring the energy, especially on defense.” So tonight, at 5:30 p.m., I hope that all of you make an effort to come support the football team.Preview: Football takes on Bowdoin in 125th annual Garnet Game