A Few of my Favorite Things with Margaret Horvat

Margaret Hovart tells The Student staff writer Julia Bisson ‘23 about the favorite things she uses in her workouts.

Katy Boehm/The Bates Student

Margaret Hovart tells The Student staff writer Julia Bisson ‘23 about the favorite things she uses in her workouts.

Margaret Horvat is a junior at Bates from ​​Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has been a part of the women’s rowing team since she started at Bates college. Horvat started rowing nine years ago, and last spring rowed in the sixth seat for Bates’ gold-medal winning second varsity eight to help the Bobcats win the 2021 NCAA DIII Rowing Championship. The award was their fifth national title in the last six seasons. She is a Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies major. Hovrat is involved in Bates Athletics Agents for Change, and works as Tour Guide Coordinator for the Admissions office.

One of Hovart’s favorite things about this unisuit is their seamless and comfortable fit. (Via JL)

Favorite boat brand: Hudson

Her favorite brand of boat is a Hudson. These are the boats used by Bates rowing and are  a well established brand of boat in the rowing world. Shop Hudson boats here.]

Favorite Oars: Concept 2 

Horvat primarily uses Concept 2 Oars to row. They are a venerable and reliable company with a wide range of options. These oars are used widely in the rowing community, even in the Olympics! Check out the Concept 2 Oars here.

Favorite unisuits: JLs and Boathouse

Hovart prefers JL unis for racing, which are seamless and a more comfortable fit. They tend to be a little bit thicker. Bates used JL for their meet unis last year. For working out, Hovart usually leans towards the Boathouse unis. Shop JL unis here and Boathouse unis here.

The junior loves these sneakers for their support and cushioning. (Via Hoka)

Favorite workout gear: Polar Ignite watch and Hoka Rincon 3 sneakers

Her favorite piece of workout gear is a tie between her Polar Ignite watch and her women’s Rincon 3 Hoka sneakers, which are a favorite shoe for many runners due to their support and cushioning. Check out the Hoka sneakers here.

Favorite Bates gear: Sweatshirt

Her favorite Bates gear is the Bates sweatshirt. She owns many and loves how they are comfortable and really nice to wear after crew practice.