A Few of My Favorite Things with Amisha Kalra


Amisha Kalra ‘23, Illustration: Katy Boehm ‘22

Amisha Kalra, a junior on the women’s golf team, shared her favorite products with staff writer Julia Bisson.

Amisha Kalra is a junior from Milburn, New Jersey and has been a member of the women’s golf team for three years. She is a sociology and environmental studies double major. Kalra shared some of her staples on and off the green with The Student, from go-to golf clubs to her favorite Bates apparel. 

Favorite golf brand: Ping

Amisha’s favorite golf clubs. (GolfaLot)

When asked what her favorite clubs to use were, Kalra quickly answered with Ping. “Ping offers a big selection for women, and they are very nicely made clubs,” she said. According to Kalra, it isn’t easy to find a good variety of quality women’s clubs, and Ping doesn’t disappoint. A lot of clubs are on the heavier side, but these are lighter and go farther,” she stated. Kalra went on to explain that “Ping is more of a professional club,” which helps improve one’s golf game. It draws your attention to your form.

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Favorite club to use: 5 hybrid

Kalra immediately knew her favorite golf club was a hybrid. “Hybrids are usually my best shot,” she said, and when asked to narrow it down, Kalra settled on the five hybrid club. “I hit five hybrids well because the loft is more than the woods but less than the irons.” Meaning that the club tends to have a medium arc from the point it is hit to the point it lands. Kalra also likes that they are a versatile club. “You can either use them on the fairway or if you are in the rough to get out,” she said.

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This is the Nike golf skirt that the junior prefers. (Nike)

Favorite golf skirt: Nike Dri-FIT UV Victory

“Nike skirts are the most comfortable and fashionable,” she said. According to Kalra, “women golfers are not known for their fashion!” While the options for women’s golf clothes are sparse, Nike provides good options. “These are cute,” Kalra says, “whenever I golf, I typically wear the black Nike golf skirt or a tennis skirt.”

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Favorite golf shoes: Footjoy

“FootJoy has really nice cleats, and they are really comfortable and fashionable,” Kalra says. FootJoy is another company that has a lot of options for women. Her particular favorites are the cleated white FootJoy shoes with black detailing. 

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Favorite Bates gear: Quarter Zip fleece

Kalra’s favorite Bates gear is the quarter zip fleece, “it says Bates Golf on it, and I can wear it while I golf when it gets colder!” She appreciates the warm, soft interior and often wears it in the fall and winter apart from golf season.

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