When is the ______________ Coming Back?

A brief overview of U.S. and international sports leagues

US Big 4 Leagues:

NFL: Recently released the 2020 season schedule. Plans on operating as normal, but is flexible to potential schedule changes and behind-closed-door play.


NBA: Team facilities are beginning to open. NBA evaluating potential 25-day return to basketball once given an all-clear by state and federal government.


MLB: The MLB is preparing a proposal to send to the Player’s Association regarding the plan to start the season. Rumored potential starting date of July 1, with Spring Training in June.


NHL: Very little has been reported about the NHL, despite having less than 14 games remaining in their regular season. Canada’s closed borders make negotiations significantly more difficult.


Other US Professional Leagues:

PGA Tour: Planning to resume in June with expanded player testing and social distancing. Golf courses are open recreationally in every state in the country.


UFC: Hosted UFC 249 in an empty arena in Jacksonville, FL on May 9. Ronaldo Souza and two of his cornermen tested positive for coronavirus, and was pulled a few days before the fight. UFC President Dana White stated that 1,200 tests were issued for 300 people, which helped to minimize the impact of Souza’s positive test.


MLS: Players allowed to return to team facilities for solo training as of May 6, return slated for June 8.


NASCAR: Return scheduled for May 17 with no fans. Seven races will take place in an 11-day span.



Premier League (England): Extremely challenged due to volatility of virus in England currently. Three Brighton & Hove Albion players recently tested positive. Players are reportedly unwilling to return to play. Current target return date of June 13 seems unlikely.


UEFA Champions League (Europe): The CL has no planned return date. Rumors of a condensed tournament or return in August have been floated, but both are unconfirmed and unlikely. UEFA has set a deadline of May 25th for all European leagues to have a plan for return or cancelling. The Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Scotland have cancelled their seasons.


La Liga (Spain): Teams have returned to training with the league targeting a return in mid-June. League also expects games to be played behind closed doors until at least 2021.


Bundesliga (Germany): Returning to play behind closed doors on May 16. First of the five biggest leagues in Europe to return to play.


Ligue 1 (France): First of the five biggest leagues in Europe to cancel their season. PSG were crowned champions.


Other International Sports:

Formula 1 (Multiple Continents): Targeting a July 5 return with the Austrian Grand Prix. F1 has been branded as a potential ‘pioneer’ in terms of safety regulations being put in place for others to follow. Eight teams – Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Racing Point, Haas, McLaren, Renault, and Williams – created ‘Project Pitlane,’ which utilized their engineering prowess to design and produce respirators in Great Britain and Italy.