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Frisbee Teams Fight Rainy and Cold Short Term Weather

The weather forecasts might have finally climbed above 50, but it seems to me that Bates is about to experience another cold front.

Coldfront, the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team is the unofficial spring varsity sport. So far this year the A team has a record of 18-1, winning a bid to Nationals in a few weeks in Rockford, Illinois. They also won sectionals, came second at regionals and won the New England Open. Arguably, they’ve been the team with the most wins this season.

But beyond their athletic accomplishments, Coldfront also has a team dynamic unlike any other.

First of all, there are no cuts. In the fall, both A and B teams practice, socialize, and play together, forming a broad community that isn’t separated by skill. Teams are determined in the spring, and even then each player has the choice to try out for either A or B. This promotes leadership, unity and a bond that you can actually see. Upon sitting down with a table of frisbee players this week, the closeness of the team was very clear to me. I couldn’t differentiate between who plays for which team. Yet even if you aren’t on the frisbee team, it’s hard not to take notice.

Frisbee grabs your attention all over campus. First at the activity fair, covered in glitter and tutu’s — what one member properly called “ridiculous flair” — throwing around a frisbee and blasting music. Then on Garc on Friday afternoons, yelling so loud I can hear them from the Puddle. This flair is the culmination of the personalities of everyone on the team; quiet, loud, first-year or senior, cat or dog lover. It is a representation of the culture of the team, and reminds everyone to have fun and not take things too seriously. And that seems to have worked out in their favor.

“I have played high level soccer all my life, and yet have never been on a team that is so competitive,” says Annie Boyer ‘21.

If you didn’t already believe me, here are some more examples.

There is always something going on for the team. Whether it be some of the best themed parties you’ve ever seen, apple picking at Wallingford’s Fruit House, pasta dinners or simply making a ruckus in commons, these girls are genuinely friends.

“It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of such an inclusive and supportive team, especially as a first year and I’m really looking forward to seeing this program continue to grow throughout my time at Bates,” says Liz Casey ‘21, who plays on the A team.

Jamie Siegart ‘21,  who plays on the B team couldn’t agree more.

“My favorite part of Coldfront is that we are one big family, regardless of if you are on A or B team” Siegart says. “Everyone seriously cares about each other and wants you to be the best player that you can be. You can come onto the team with no prior frisbee experience at all and are welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. Joining frisbee was the best decision I’ve made thus far at Bates.”

Although a club level sport, they are led by confident and extraordinary captains at both team levels. But above everything else, the succeed because everyone on the team cares.

“The program is driven more by people on the team than by the school so we can define and create what we want as a team and as a culture,” says Adair Andre ‘18.

Input is important, every members opinion matters, and that shows through the time they spend together (as well as team meetings, strategy conversations, surveys).

I could go on and on, but I suggest you see for yourself and keep up with Coldfront’s success at Nationals the week of May 19.

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