Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Team is Optimistic about Upcoming Season


Sydney Beres ‘18 watches her Sam Reiss ‘18 advance the ball. JOHN NEUFELD/THE BATES STUDENT

Max Petrie

As the Bates men’s and women’s swimming and diving team gets ready to start their season, there is plenty of optimism from the athletes. Coming off of the success in NESCACs last year, they feel that they can do even better with another year of experience. Hope Logan ’18 says, “We would love to bring more healthy women to NESCACs than last year. We had a lot of injuries and even though our roster is honestly smaller, if everyone stays healthy, we could have more women score this year.” For the men’s team, Riley Ewing ’18 says, “I expect the team to do well again this year. The freshmen have a lot of depth.” The combination of experience and results with the depth of the incoming class seem to have the team set up for a successful season.

The team’s schedule is quite intense, with nine practices a week, and it is therefore of the utmost importance that everyone maintains a good attitude about the tough schedule. On this, Chris Lee ’18 says, “I expect that everyone not only shows up to our nine practices a week, but also gives it everything they have. Our schedule is pretty grueling, so those early mornings and long, exhausting sets are much easier with a group of positive friends who are doing it with you. Bates Swim and Dive operates like a family, and I expect that everyone treats their teammates and coaches accordingly. I think that as long as everyone is physically and mentally invested, we will be more successful than ever before.”

With this kind of an attitude, the athletes seem to believe that they can build on the past to end with even better results this year. Seconding this is Ewing, who says, “So far it seems like the practices have been ramped up so our training early this season will help lead us to one of our best finishes at NESCACs. The atmosphere has been awesome so far. We just finished our first Saturday practice and the energy couldn’t have been higher!” With this excitement, results should follow as the season begins.

In order to maintain this energy throughout the long and hard season, a positive attitude is necessary for these athletes. Speaking of the women’s team, Logan says, “You could feel the drive in the air during our first week of practice, it’s chemical. This is the most supportive women’s team I have ever seen. We are absolutely ferocious.” Lee shared a similar sentiment, saying, “With the first week of practices now under our belts, excitement is at an all-time high. During practice, everyone is cheering for one another, the team’s favorite songs are blaring, and teammates are giving out relentless high fives. It’s truly an unparalleled experience, one which I’ll miss unconditionally.”

The excitement and attitude are at a level that should lead to success for the team, something that the seniors particularly want to see as they enter the last year of their collegiate careers.

Knowing it is their last opportunity with the Bates team, they will work hard to make sure they end on the right note. Lee says “Going into my last year is a bit bittersweet because I’m pumped for the upcoming season and to work with the amazing group of swimmers we have, but knowing it’s my last season will always be in the back of my mind.” Seconding this is Ewing, saying, “I’m feeling really excited about my last season! I’ve been competing for 15 years now so this is the last hoorah.”

The comradery really stands out and helps translate into confidence from the athletes. Logan says, “I couldn’t do it without these women. They rock.” Bates will kick off the season on November 18 against Wesleyan and Trinity with expectations high. Lee says, “We have an incredible line-up of athletes coming off our one of our most successful seasons ever, as well as 15 first-years ready to jump in with two feet. Based on the first week of workouts, BS&D is poised to reach heights never before achieved.”