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Talia Regenstein ‘19 on Post Athletics Life

Athletics is a very large part of the Bates community. Tour guides jokingly tell potential students that you could throw a ball in Commons and someone from one of the 30+ varsity teams will be there to catch it. Indeed, over half of Bates students are varsity athletes, and another 10-20 percent are club or intramural athletes.

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A New Wave in Off-Campus Activity

When you think of the surf lifestyle, the Northeast—and Maine—probably is not the first thing you think of. However, surfing at Bates has a substantial following and is only growing.

“It is definitely more popular than I thought it would be,” Andy Karr ‘21 said. “I think a lot of people come from places where they didn’t necessarily have the opportunity to surf, but they have the skills to surf from other activities they do, like skiing.”

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Field Hockey Fundraises for Suicide Prevention

Off the field, the Bates Field Hockey team is helping to lead a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). Taylor Haugh ‘19, who started the field hockey fundraising efforts a few years back, feels a personal connection to the cause. Two years ago, Haugh lost one of her close friends to suicide.

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Women’s Volleyball Falls to Middlebury

On Sept. 28, in the historic Alumni Gym at Bates, the Middlebury Panthers (7-2, 1-1 NESCAC) took on the Bates Bobcats (5-3, 1-2 NESCAC) in a primetime matchup. Both teams have prolific histories and are contenders for the NESCAC Championship this year.

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Alumni Update: Julia Rafferty ‘14

While many student-athletes at Bates graduate ready to leave behind the hectic schedule of a student-athlete, Julia Rafferty ‘14 had no such intention. Now, more than four years after graduation, Rafferty continues to structure her life around the collegiate-athlete schedule, but this time as an assistant coach for the women’s soccer team at Tufts University.

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Something’s in the Air: Men’s Soccer adds to success with overtime Trinity defeat

Reminiscent of a year ago, the Bates men’s soccer team found themselves in double overtime this past Saturday, Sept. 29, against the Trinity Bantams. Thanks to a game winning goal by team captain Peder Bakken ’20 109 minutes into the game, Bates walked away victorious, besting their draw against Trinity last year.

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Men’s Rugby Kicks Season Off 52-19 Against MMA

The Bates men’s rugby team solidly defeated Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) 52-19 last Saturday, Sept. 16, at Garcelon Field. While this was the first game of the season and the first rugby game played by some on the team, the Bobcats’ fitness, teamwork, and skill carried them to a strong victory over MMA, who they lost against last year.

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Equestrian Club: A Unique Team at Bates

Bates College provides nine different club sports teams (which range from rugby to ultimate frisbee) that provide students a uniquely structured intercollegiate sports program. However, there is one club in particular that many students don’t really know about.

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Time Management for Athletes: Advice for Balancing Athletics and Academic Work

The essential skill of balancing many facets of life in harmony is referred to as “time management.” For the majority of college students, time management proves to be a difficult and stressful task. Balancing friends, significant relationships, schoolwork, class time, and extracurricular activities can often feel challenging, if not impossible.

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How to Naviagate Bates Athletics

The college admissions process can by scary enough, even without the added stress of trying to make a team. For about half of the incoming class of 2022 however, this was a reality. While some were worrying about test scores, gpa and the common app; others tacked on maintaining their plus/minus, fastest time, or number of goals in a season. Why do they choose to do this you ask? I sat down with a few first-year athletes to answer just that.

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