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New Forté Chapter At Bates Welcomes More Women Leaders

Elizabeth Crawford

February 5, 2020

“What do you think of when I say the word business?” asked Adama Diaby ‘22 to a group of Bates women on Wednesday, January 29th. “Is it a bunch of white men sitting around in suits? If that’s it, that’s okay, but we are here to change that.” Led by Diaby and her fellow student ambassad...

The Ins and Outs of Indigenous Archaeology

Assistant Professor of American Studies, Kristen Barnett TIM LEACH ’99 /FOR BATES COLLEGE

Fiona Cohen

February 5, 2020

Learning about the career and accomplishments of Bates professor, Dr. Kristen Barnett, and sensing her passion, it’s hard to believe that she didn’t always know that she wanted to be an anthropologist. Dr. Barnett, who received her PhD in cultural heritage and archaeology from the University...

New STI Testing Kits on Campus

Elizabeth LaCroix, Staff Writer

February 5, 2020

A new method for testing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been distributed around campus. You can find paper bags containing these kits in Commons, Merrill Gymnasium, the OIE, and residence halls. “This is a way to make STI screening more available and accessible to students outside of Heal...

Does Bates Deserve a Land Acknowledgement?

Amanda Metzger

February 5, 2020

At Bates, there is a question about the efficacy and ethicality of including a land acknowledgement at events and to open ceremonies. According to Northwestern University, a land acknowledgement is defined as “a formal statement that recognizes and respects Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards...

Behind the Scenes of Winter Carnival

David Chen/ Bates Student

Eliza Fischer

February 5, 2020

Winter Carnival is a week long series of iconic Bates events, but many students have never stopped to consider what goes into planning the festivities. Classic events like Puddle Jump are paired with fun winter activities like Snowman Building and Rail Jam to create a week full of stress-relieving and...

Bates College Student Government Asks the Hard Questions on Tuition Hikes

Vanessa Paolella, Managing Editor

January 22, 2020

Last Wednesday, Jan. 15, the Bates College Student Government (BCSG) welcomed Bates Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer Geoffrey Swift to their first meeting of the winter semester to discuss the bane of Bates–the rising cost of tuition. While this is an issue affecting j...

Bobcats Adjust Back to College Life, Hibernation Comes to a Close

January 22, 2020

Vehicles pour into student parking, suitcases roll through the halls, and the occasional snowman is constructed on the quad. You guessed it: the Bates College student body has returned to campus from the winter break. After a refreshing month with friends, family, and holiday cheer, most students sc...

Annual MLK Debate Sparks Deep Reflection

James Macdonald/ Bates Student

Madeline Polkinghorn, Managing News Editor

January 22, 2020

As part of its lengthy program of events for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Bates College hosts its annual Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mays Debate comprised of students from its own debate team and those from Morehouse College, the alma mater of King himself. The debate connects the two institutions together t...

Ben Ayers ’99 Kicks Off BOC Centennial

Outing Club Door

Margy Schueler

January 22, 2020

On the evening of Wednesday Jan. 15, students, alumni, and others from the Bates community gathered in the Benjamin E. Mays Center to celebrate the kickoff of the Bates Outing Club (BOC) centennial. Members of the audience, of various different age, backgrounds, and interests, appeared united by the ...

Seeking Representation in Male-Dominated Spaces: Women in Debate

Christina Perrone, Editor in Chief

January 22, 2020

It is no secret that debate teams in higher education have struggled with upholding equal representation of women and gender minorities. At Bates this is no exception. With incoming classes, the gender ratio is usually balanced in debate practices; however, after their first year many women decide ...

Bates Gets the Flu

Bates Health Center

Elizabeth LaCroix, Staff Writer

January 22, 2020

FULL DISCLOSURE: Madeline Polkinghorn is the Managing News Editor of The Bates Student. At the beginning of finals week, Madeline felt the dreaded symptoms of extreme fatigue, a bad cough, and nausea. Like most dedicated Bates students, she attempted to ignore her symptoms and tried to push through ...

Bates Vaccinates

November 20, 2019

As every seasoned Batesie knows, with winter months follows the inevitable Bates “plague”. Bates College is especially vulnerable to the spread of disease due to its high community engagement and the overall design of a college campus. The influenza disease is a viral infection that spreads easily, at...

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