Putting The Brakes on Gas Pedal: Should Students Expect Sage the Gemini this year?


Sage the Gemini

On Saturday, March 4, Sage the Gemini was scheduled to perform for Bates students in the Gray Cage. However, the day before the concert, Campus Life sent an email to students explaining that due to weather concerns, the college would not be able to host the rapper. 

They confirmed that they would not be canceling, but postponing the Winter Concert. In the email there was no re-scheduled date detailed. The only time frame included was that they hoped to hold the event soon in the future. 

When The Bates Student interviewed Nick Dressler, assistant dean of students for Campus Life, he explained that the office is working with their concert agency, who is liaising on Bates’s behalf with Sage the Gemini’s team, and that they have plans to announce a new concert date as soon as possible. 

As you may remember we had a big snow storm that weekend and we learned from our concert agency on the afternoon of Friday, March 3 that Sage would not be able to make it due to the weather,” Dressler explained. “Bates works directly with a concert agency that works with the artists, so we have not had any direct communication with Sage the Gemini’s team.” 

While no specific date was provided to The Student, Campus Life does plan to hold the Winter Concert this year. The dangerous weather created challenges that staff could not predict, and communicating the situation to students was an important part of this situation. 

Earlier this semester, Bates’ annual Lost Valley Takeover was also postponed due to weather concerns, but this situation was resolved quicker as it was rescheduled for a date 27 days later.

“I have a lot of plans that I want to make and I feel like I have to put those plans on hold because I don’t want to miss Sage the Gemini, but I also want to make other plans and it’s frustrating,” said Carley Freund ‘26.

Students took to the popular app Blind Tiger to explain their frustrations and create humor of the situation. One student wrote, “No Mr. Gemini, please brave the storm for us.” Many students were looking forward to this event, and were disappointed by its postponement. 

“While I understand the storm prevented Sage the Gemini from performing, it is frustrating that when and even if he is really coming is all up in the air,” said Sarah Lieber ‘26. “I hope that Bates can either figure out (and share) the new concert date or just tell us it is canceled. It would be better to rip the bandaid off now and cancel instead of a long lasting potential of the concert.”