The Class of 2024 BCSG Representatives Host Their First-Ever Town Hall


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12 students attended the class of 2024 town hall on Monday, October 4th.

On Monday, Oct. 4, Bates class of 2024 representatives Sacha Feldberg ‘24, Mia Brumsted ‘24 and Rebecca Anderson ‘24 held a town hall for members of their class. The gathering was part of a larger effort from the Bates College Student Government (BCSG) to more actively engage with the student body and address their needs this year. 

The meeting took place in the Library Arcade with a total of 12 attendees, all munching on a supply of breakfast snacks from The Holy Donut. 

After the representatives welcomed their peers, Brumsted posed a question: “We had a pretty rough introduction to Bates, and we didn’t get a lot of what first years have had — is there anything we want to do to make up for that?”

Students expressed disappointment at the lack of empathy from others and the college. For members of the class of ‘24, transitioning to Bates was difficult for various reasons. 

At the meeting, some students spoke out about their nontraditional AESOP experience, which occurred entirely on campus in the fall of 2020. This made it more difficult to make connections, explained the students, and essentially all social events that first-years would normally participate in were cancelled. Attendees also noted that not much has been done to compensate for the rocky start to their Bates experience.

Additionally, members of the class of 2024 experienced the module system as their introduction to academics at Bates. When asked about their transition from the module system to the regular system this year, one student jokingly said, “I realized I wasn’t dumb.” 

The consensus seemed to be that the regular system is preferred to the module system because there is more time to learn the material thoroughly and to participate in other activities as well.

Another shared sentiment was the disappointment of not having any of the campus-wide dances Bates is known for, such as ‘80s, ‘90s and Snowball. Citing a conversation with Campus Life, Brumsted said, “dances in the fall were off the table, but there is a chance that Gala could happen in March.” The class of 2024 is looking forward to the chance of finally taking part in this Bates tradition. 

With the walls of the Library Arcade covered in signs of support for the faculty and staff union, the town hall could not help but touch on the topic. 

Earlier that same night, Brumsted had attended the faculty meeting that addressed the union. A student at the town hall posed a question to the group: “What can we do as students to help their case?”

The group concluded that they wanted to continue showing their support visually, such as by hanging banners, and by assisting in amplifying the voices of union leaders. 

Students also expressed concerns about sustainability, making suggestions like bringing metal utensils back to replace plastic silverware or installing more air dryers in bathrooms instead of paper towels. 

BCSG meetings are open to everyone and take place at 7:00 p.m. in Commons or Benjamin Mays. Students are encouraged to contact their class representatives directly, and they are welcome to share an agenda item for any meeting. 

Students of the class of ‘24 can also voice concerns on this survey at any time.