Bates Lifts Campus Lockdown

On Apr. 1, Vice President for Campus Life Joshua McIntosh instituted a mandatory in-room restriction lockdown following an exponential rise in positive cases. At the time, the campus listed a total of 34 active cases of COVID-19 infection. 

Initially, the lockdown was set to last from April 1-6, but was then extended to April 11. 

The lockdown ultimately ended Tuesday, April 13, when active cases were listed at 38. 

During in-room quarantine, students were restricted to their own residence hall rooms, and were only permitted to leave to use the bathroom, do laundry, retrieve meals, or attend medical appointments, including vaccination appointments. Students were only permitted outside if they were alone and masked. 

The lockdown delayed exams as well as the beginning of Module D. 

At its peak, Bates listed 79 active cases – the highest of any New England Small College Athletic (NESCAC) school at the time. 

According to McIntosh, unmasked social gatherings were a primary source of infection. This prompted the College to increase the presence of Bates staff, namely Campus Safety and Student Affairs, monitoring campus buildings and residence halls. 

In lifting the quarantine, McIntosh stressed that student behavior was crucial in preventing future outbreaks. 

“The events we have all endured should serve as a powerful reminder that poor choices by a small group of people can have a powerful negative impact on the campus as a whole,” stated McIntosh. “With six weeks of the academic year remaining, as you make choices for how you plan to spend your time, I urge you to think about your friends, your professors, and the staff on campus who work so hard to support your experience.”

Effective Wednesday, in-person classes and co-curricular activities will resume.