Restructuring, a Student Discount Program, and Dodgeball: A Student Government Update

In the final weeks of Student Government for the 2018-2019 academic year, Walter Washington and Myles Smith are preparing to pass the torch as Student Government President and Vice President to Ryan Lizanecz and Lebanos Mengistu.

Student Government has been making plans throughout the year to reform the structure of our organization, which will be a continuous discussion for us throughout short term.

At our second to last meeting on March 27, we discussed several exciting plans to close out the year. Student Government has been partnering with local businesses to create student discount programs, with restaurants like Cow Bell, Break, and IHOP included. Look out for more information on this in the coming weeks!

We are also looking into providing more storage and organization spaces in dorms for personal items like shoes.

 Student Government is one of the main student organizations involved in the planning of the dodgeball tournament to benefit Farwell Elementary School’s food drive. Look out for us tabling in Commons, where you can donate to the event or sign up to participate, over the next few weeks!