Sustainable Abigail: The Concerned Flusher Edition

Dear Sustainable Abigail,
Some automatic flushing toilets flush like 3 times before you even stand up (e.g. the ones in Hedge, 55, 65). It’s so frustrating and wasteful 🙁

~Concerned Flusher

Dear Concerned Flusher,
Thank you for recognizing this! These automatically flushing toilets, while convenient, have been proven to cause a significant increase in water usage from bathrooms since they first came into use as a hygienic alternative to manual flushers. It is great to draw attention to the issues we have with them at Bates and luckily this is exactly the sort of thing that can be an easy fix while also making a major change. While it is not possible to change the flushers entirely, the sensors can be set to be less sensitive to motion. This would make the sensors not sensitive enough to go off randomly, though it may cause for some hand-waving in front of the sensor when the time to flush does come- making flushing more fun and more active!
In order to reduce the sensitivity of the sensor, the best thing to do is to put in a work order form with Bates Facility Services, the link to which can be found here: In the request you will only have to submit a brief sentence about what you wish to be fixed (the sensitivity of the toilet in your dorm as to reduce water waste), the building, and any other details you wish to provide. It is a quick and easy form and would certainly make a big difference in water usage! Thank you for being a concerned student and doing your best to live most sustainably!