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Two Public Health Emergencies: COVID-19 and Gun Violence

Sophie Mackin, Copy Editor

April 13, 2020

While staying inside and social distancing are helping to keep us safe from COVID-19, these measures unfortunately put some people at an increased risk of experiencing gun violence and/or domestic violence.  The number of gunshot victims has not dwindled in the face of the pandemic.  Hospitals acro...

What does COVID-19 mean for our incarcerated population?

Sophie Mackin, Copy Editor

April 3, 2020

Today, we are all grappling with the effects of COVID-19 as well as the fear and anxiety that come with it. However, many of us are able to take steps to protect ourselves and can retreat to our homes with our families. What about those who do not have the privilege of social distancing? What about t...

The Rise of Tik Tok: Trends, Controversies, and What Bates Students Think

Sophie Mackin, Copy Editor

January 22, 2020

If you are like me and decided to download Tik Tok, chances are you have lost MANY hours scrolling through the popular video-sharing app since then. I commonly hear from my friends that they downloaded Tik Tok as a joke or out of temporary curiosity and have now become thoroughly invested in the app, ch...

Bates Democrats’ Conversation with Betsy Sweet

Bates Democrats’ Conversation with Betsy Sweet

November 6, 2019

Betsy Sweet, Sen. Susan Collins's potential opponent in the 2020 election talked policy and personal beliefs at BatesJames MacDonald/ The Bates Student On Wednesday, Oct. 30, the Bates Democrats hosted a conversation with Betsy Sweet, a candidate running against United States Senator from Maine, Susan...

#MeToo Means Who?

January 30, 2019

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in keeping with the theme of intersectional activism, Bates students explored the issue of sexual violence against marginalized groups and the ways in which we can support women as well as LGBTQ people whose stories have been ignored. So many people showed up for th...

Winter Club Fair: It’s never too late!

January 16, 2019

It’s a new semester—which means more chances to get involved at Bates. On Wednesday, Jan. 9, over forty of Bates’ clubs and organizations gathered in Chase Hall to educate students about their plans for the winter and recruit more members. The Office of Campus Life sponsors this mid-year club fair...

Celebrating Amelia Wilhelm ‘18: Bates Rower earns finalist distinction for NCAA Woman of the Year

November 7, 2018

Every day at Bates, close to half of the student population has to juggle the commitments of a varsity sports team in addition to their academic obligations. These student-athletes must foster great time management skills in order to balance homework and studying with practices, games, and hosting recruits....

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