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Author: Hannah Palacios

Robbie Montanaro ‘19 and Emma Patterson ‘19: Two senior athletes reflect on their athletic career and experience at Bates

Senior year of college is full of ‘lasts’—last first day, last 80’s, last fall break—and for Bates athletes, also a last game. It is inevitable, but that does not mean that after four years they are anywhere near prepared. The athletes at Bates, just by applying, have made a commitment to both their sport and their academics. And while Bates celebrates its students’ academic achievements with senior thesis, final athletic contests often slip by. In order to break down these final senior moments, I spoke with Robbie Montanaro ’19 and Emma Patterson ’19, of men’s soccer and women’s field hockey respectively.

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Ice Hockey Overcomes Broken Ice Rink

As the both the days and nights start to dip below freezing, and the first snowflakes of the season start to stick, it means that winter is fast approaching. And with winter comes the start of hockey season.

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Talia Regenstein ‘19 on Post Athletics Life

Athletics is a very large part of the Bates community. Tour guides jokingly tell potential students that you could throw a ball in Commons and someone from one of the 30+ varsity teams will be there to catch it. Indeed, over half of Bates students are varsity athletes, and another 10-20 percent are club or intramural athletes.

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A New Wave in Off-Campus Activity

When you think of the surf lifestyle, the Northeast—and Maine—probably is not the first thing you think of. However, surfing at Bates has a substantial following and is only growing.

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How to Naviagate Bates Athletics

The college admissions process can by scary enough, even without the added stress of trying to make a team. For about half of the incoming class of 2022 however, this was a reality. While some were worrying about test scores, gpa and the common app; others tacked on maintaining their plus/minus, fastest time, or number of goals in a season. Why do they choose to do this you ask? I sat down with a few first-year athletes to answer just that.

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