Spring Theater Review


Tommy Holmberg

S: The Play

What’s it about?
The fight for marriage equality in California focusing on the Proposition 8 trial.
What are you excited about?
We’re working with the American Foundation for Equal Rights, and that makes this feel like a bigger project than just a play.
Why should we see it?.
It really means something and addresses an important issue that affects all of us. And we’ve got some really good actors. Everyone’s the coolest.

Two Gentlemen of Verona

What is The Two Gentlemen of Verona?
An early Shakespearean work about a tangled love quartet and their misadventures in romance and betrayal.
What do you enjoy about the play?
The director, Professor Martin Andrucki, has really helped me develop into a performer over the past four years. He’s very good at seeing people’s strengths and letting those strengths shine on stage.
Why should we see it?
You’re going to see a great Shakespeare play with an explosive Bates cast. And it’s short. This is no Henry IV.

The Swaggering Damsel

What’s it about?
A bride gets cold feet and resorts to cross-dressing in order to escape her wedding.
What are you excited about?
It’s so funny. And it’s my first big play at Bates!
Why should we see it?
It’ll have you in stitches!