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Tips for Staying Fashionably Warm in Maine Winter Weather

Charlie Gainey

It’s 2024. Time to step up winter fashion! In previous years, we have seen the rise of mini Uggs, North Face puffers, and Carhartt jackets –– what’s next? 

Here’s our guidance for the 2024 season (keeping in mind both of us have yet to experience a full Maine winter)

While staying in style and ahead of the trends is important, we must also take into account practicality as we are beginning to face the long and cold Maine winter. Layering is essential, as is a trusty hat, pair of gloves, scarf, insulated coat, and winter-proof shoes. Now, how can we stay protected from the elements with these necessities while embracing our idiosyncratic sense of style? Here are some options that we think would look fabulous doing anything from walking to Le Ronj for an afternoon chai tea to trudging through the snow for an unwelcome 8 am class. 

  • Let’s talk hats. Hats are such a great addition to an outfit to elevate your style further while also ensuring your head and ears stay protected and warm. A current favorite hat of mine is the Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Beanie – the vibrant color blocking and soft material coalesce into a lovely combination of practical and cool. Another beanie that has seemed to be all the rave this winter is the Arc’teryx Bird Head Toque. Similarly, this hat, coming in a wide variety of bright as well as neutral colors, is a great balance of stylish and warm. Our last recommendation and our personal favorite is a hand-knit or crocheted hat! We have been lucky enough to have been gifted knit hats by friends and family, though you could also learn to make one yourself. Made with love and care these hats are incredibly cozy as well as unique and customizable.


  • Another essential to braving this weather is gloves. Both Smartwool and North Face have a wide variety of gloves of differing materials such as fleece, thermal, and polyester, all of which are warm and comfortable as well as feasible with their various features such as silicone grips and touch screen compatibility. We are huge proponents of knit mittens and fingerless gloves which you can find at several stores such as Madewell with their Convertible Ribbed Gloves that capture the mitten and fingerless glove look all in one. You could always, of course, also learn to crochet or knit your own, customizing them to your liking and preferred style, thickness, and color.


  • Scarves are in. Get with the times! One of the “it” scarves for 2024 is the Acne Studios Mohair Checked Scarf. With a broad range of colors, there is a scarf for any outfit you could craft. Though this scarf is, however, a whopping $320. But not to worry, many much more affordable options are equally as in for this winter. The brand Mango also has super cute and significantly more affordable options that resemble the Acne Studios scarves. Even Amazon has some great options. Or, if you are getting into knitting and have taken our advice and plan to knit a hat, you could knit a scarf while you’re at it. Perhaps go to a meeting for the Knit Wits club! And a pro tip: if you forget a hat, you could always wrap your scarf into a balaclava!


  • Next up are coats–the most essential winter clothing item. As previously mentioned, North Face puffers have certainly had their moment and have certainly proven to be a sufficient option with their various color combinations, length options, and top-tier insulation. Another puffer that has gained traction is, of course, the Aritzia Super Puff which has similar positive qualities as the North Face puffer such as those listed above. You can also find coats of similar quality and style at Quince; Their Responsible Down Puffer Jacket retails at $129 as opposed to North Face’s $330. Lastly, Carhartt has several jacket and coat options that are extremely warm, durable, and can elevate any outfit.


  • Boots! The iconic Bean Boots are still in. Will they always be in? Only time will tell. You could also go with the Bates classic, Blundstones. While they don’t provide any additional warmth beyond a leather boot, they are waterproof and will protect your feet from getting soaked by slush and snow. Or you could always just resort to penguin walking in regular sneakers –– do whatever feels right!

If you don’t believe the advice of two first years experiencing a Maine winter for the first time, we don’t blame you. Here is some advice and recommendations from some seasoned Mainers on winter clothing essentials-

Savannah Compare ‘27, a Maine native from Boothbay Harbor, offered us her insider opinion that “Gloves are so underrated, wearing them makes walking outside way more tolerable when it’s cold out in my opinion. Embrace gloves!” Another Mainer, Sarah Van Lonkhuyzen ‘27 from Rockport, commented “My mom always says ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. To conquer a cold Maine winter, there are a few essentials. A good pair of boots with some wool socks. A warm jacket, along with a hat and a pair of mittens. For especially frigid days, having a warm base layer is best! Scarves are also optimal for windy days so your face doesn’t freeze.” Lastly, Mary Parker from Bath suggested that above all “Invest in wool socks!”

With all this in mind, remember to invest in some winter staples and stay warm and stylish, Bobcats!

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