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Crafty Crochet and More: An interview with the entrepreneur behind Grapedumdum

Megan Billings ’26
Megan Billings showing off a crafted project.

Several students across campus have utilized their specific expertise and created businesses to sell their art. One of these students is making waves, you might’ve seen her work on campus. Look for the stunning and colorful handmade art that is personalized for everyone who wears it.

Megan Billings ‘26 (known sometimes around campus as the “chick with funky earrings”) is behind these amazing designs. 

Intrigued, I sat down with her to learn more about her business.

What’s your business?

“So I am a little crafter. I like making things out of crochet, things out of recycled bottle tabs, and I also make painted patches for people to sew on their clothing.”

What’s your history with this craft?

“I literally started as soon as I got to Bates. I didn’t know how to crochet before. It was a combination between my mom teaching me and the [Youtube] videos and also some patterns on Pinterest.”

Wait so you didn’t know how to do this until coming to Bates? You’re so good!

“I sat in on knitwits for a while and I was one of the few people who didn’t know what I was doing. I sat in the corner with my headphones on until I finally did and then I was able to have conversations. It’s hard to multi-task- or it was at first. But that’s the beauty of it now because you can bring it anywhere.”

Why did you decide to sell your work?

“Well, I had been making things as gifts for a while and people kept telling me to sell my stuff but I didn’t want to at first. Because when you put a price on something it takes the fun out of it. But then I caved because I just wanted to. And also in selling your craft, it’s cool.”

What are the items you sell?

“So I sell crochet items, specifically bags (big, small), computer cases, scarves, shirts, fingerless gloves, earrings, and painted patches.”

How can you be contacted?

“Through my Instagram called Grapedumdum, like the lollipop.” 

What inspired the Instagram handle? 

“I’ve developed a new appreciation for the color purple and I love grape candy so I put two and two together. I don’t know if it was kind of random and that’s the beauty of it.”

What’s your favorite part of this experience so far?

“I guess people’s reactions when I give them what they ordered.”

Anything else you want to add?

“DM for commissions!”

Megan is truly a talented artist taking her art public. Her business is only one example of Bates students sharing their art with the rest of the student body.

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Hadley Blodgett, Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor
Hadley (she/her) is a Sophomore from Buckfield, Maine which is really close to Bates. She is a member of the Brass Ensemble and also the Jazz Band, and does music in her free time too. In her free time volunteers with the Auburn Community Concert Band providing free community concerts through the summer and winter. Besides a minor interest in music she also enjoys being outside and exploring parts of Maine she hasn’t been to before. Her favorite hike is currently Eyebrow Loop Trail. In her free time she writes, works, and also dabbles in photography.

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