Candid ‘Cats


Katherine Merisotis/The Bates Student

The Bates Bobcat rides the bike to stay warm on the sideline while the football team played against Trinity on Nov. 6th

Welcome back to Candid ‘Cats, where our photographers highlight a photo from the week and life at Bates.

The first weekend of November was the end of the home fall sports season for the Bates Bobcats as the football team ended with their senior night on Garcelon field against the 7-0 Trinity Bantams. An unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon brought a large crowd down to cheer on the Bates Seniors. The Bobcats came out to a shaky start and fell 28-0 in the first half sending most of the fans home after halftime. There was however one individual who tried to get his playing time, the Bates Bobcat who spent the first half cheering on the men and working to excite the crowd. The Bobcat at one point took the Bates Flag and was running down the sidelines sending the student section into uproars. During those breaks of exciting the crowd, he would ride the bike to stay warm waiting for his moment to make a difference in the game. While the Bobcat’s chance never came he still remained an optimistic figure for the team as they hope to finish their season strong as they face Hamilton in their last game of the regular season next weekend.