Embracing Fall Spirit in Maine

Fall foliage in Maine is becoming even more prominent as we get closer to the festivities October brings. Living in a place where you can experience the peak of fall means that you must take advantage of it and get into the fall spirit! As the weather gets colder, we begin to gather more excitement for what the next few weeks will bring: vibrant leaves, baked treats and cozying up to a fire while watching your favorite TV shows. 

The fall season is not only sweet, but also short–a reminder for us to enjoy the present and allow ourselves to indulge in the good. Of course, do so with the remembrance that you should probably layer up because Maine tends to get quite cold. A sweater, a beanie and a toasty coat may be something everyone should take when heading out to explore what Maine has to offer. 

This past weekend, students took it upon themselves to the Common Ground Country Fair, a place where the goodness of Maine was shown through exhibits, speakers about sustainable living and the improvement of local economics and organic agriculture. Fortunately, that was one of many fairs and one of many things that you can do to celebrate this new and exciting season. From apple picking to baking a pumpkin pie, there is a never-ending list of ways to get into the fall spirit and ensure that you are making the most of it. I think that something as simple as taking a walk around campus or doing some homework at the amphitheater are great opportunities to surround yourself with the tranquility of fall at Bates. 

Like Taylor Swift said, “Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.” With those lyrics in mind, stop being so hard on yourself – fall is a season for you to enjoy. Go give your mom a call, rekindle an old friendship, re-read your favorite book, make yourself some tea, and go outside!”