My Favorite Pizza in Maine

Pizza is awesome, isn’t it? There’s nothing more universally loved in this country than dough, sauce and cheese. A good slice of pizza is a special kind of joy, a literal slice of heaven that dismisses any worry and causes a moment of Italian ecstasy. Point is, I love pizza, and I eat a lot of pizza. Here are a few of my favorite spots to eat pizza in Maine. 

DeRosier’s Pizza, Freeport

If you don’t read another sentence in this article, read this one: DeRosier’s Pizza in Freeport makes the best pizza in Maine. No, it’s not a fancy sitdown restaurant. It’s a little shop with a few seats that’s been around since 1904. You don’t make it a century without having some really good pizza.

The cheese is stretchy and gooey, every slice is given to you straight out of the oven, and guess what? They sell it by the slice, too. The pizza is around $3 a slice, and if I were you, I’d stick to cheese or pepperoni. This isn’t a place to get fancy. This is where you get something basic and delicious.

I haven’t even gotten to the dough yet. It’s crunchy and crisp on the outside with a beautifully chewy interior, like a really good baguette. These people know what they are doing, and I have made the 30 minute trip for a slice of pizza more times than I’d care to admit.  

New Gloucester Village Store, New Gloucester

Aside from being the epitome of the small cute Maine shop, New Gloucester makes some very solid pizza. High quality cheese and ingredients plus a pizza oven make for a delightful experience with whatever toppings you can imagine. The buffalo chicken pizza is really good

New Gloucester is pricier than DeRosier’s, but the extra charge is worth it because you’re supporting a local business 15 minutes away that makes personal pizzas with high quality ingredients. And while you’re waiting, look through their selection of boutique groceries, ranging from excellent meats to fancy cheeses to Kewpie Mayo (iykyk).  

Maine Beer Company, Freeport (must be 21+ like me)

This place is so cool. It’s like being in the future if the future had a bunch of IPAs. If you’re a fan of IPAs and sours and the like, definitely check it out. I’m not, but they are good IPAs as IPAs go. I just hate IPAs and wish they had a good lager, but that’s aside from the point. 

Their pizza is really really good. Especially the pepperoni pizza. The dough has an excellent crunch while still being sufficiently doughy, the cheese is delicious and stretchy and the sauce isn’t too sweet for me. This is an absolutely gorgeous establishment with some really solid pizza.

Also, their focaccia comes with this chili maple butter that makes me make truly outrageous fat guy noises. 

Oxbow Brewing Company, Newcastle/Oxford/Portland

With Oxbow, you’re not gonna get technically proficient pizza. Not gonna lie, I think the slices are a little floppy, the dough is a little thin and the sauce is a little meh.

However, the pizza is very creative. When you take a bite, a variety of flavors will pop into your mouth and make you produce a surprised little “Mm!” sound. And we love making that sound.

Also, the atmosphere is amazing. It’s a farmhouse style outdoor place where you can ski, sit by a fire, and do a bunch of other awesome stuff. I highly recommend a visit.

Lewiston House of Pizza

Am I gonna sit here and pretend like LHOP is gourmet? No, I’m not. It’s pretty good, though. I’m not crazy about the crust, but look, you get a pretty damn good pizza that’s better than Domino’s or Papa Johns, plus you get a free two liter soda with any large pizza. And they have pineapple Fanta, and I love pineapple Fanta.

They have really lovely people working there who are always friendly and fun to talk to.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a chance. Even though you’re not getting crazy Michelin Star food, you’re still getting pretty good pizza at a pretty fair price.