More Than Fun and Games: Building Community in Discordians


Abigail Graumann/Courtesy Photo

The Discordians have partnered with many groups on campus including the OIE.

In non-COVID-19 times, on some nights in the Fireplace Lounge Bates students would be huddled around a tabletop board game laughing, strategizing, and enjoying each other’s company. This is the Discordians Club. 

The Discordians is a tabletop game club that holds chem-free events for all Bates students. The club was first started in the 1990s when some students saw that there was a need for non-alcoholic events on campus. 

The presidents of the club this year are Abigail Graumann ’22 and Luke Allen ‘22, who said that the club’s goal is to “to create a safe and inclusive community for anyone of any skill level looking to play tabletop games.”

This year, even during the pandemic, the Disocordians continue to offer the club’s usual events, such as the club’s board game nights and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. So far the turnout has been great, according to the presidents. They hope to continue this trend next semester and find ways to do larger events, such as escape rooms or in-depth roleplaying events.

Organizing large events is not new for the club. During Short Term, the Discordians usually host a large game of Zombies, which is a week-long, complex game of tag. They are also known for partnering with other groups on campus, such as the OIE or the video game club, to host  inclusive game nights or create group events together. The club has also led events for sex week at Bates. 

The presidents “are hoping to continue to still hold these events and possibly work with other clubs in the future.” 

Inclusivity has been a goal of this club for many years and they hope to increase membership and work on making the club itself more accessible by holding more special events that are based on the interests of the club’s members.

The Discordians is truly a club for anyone, whether you just want to hang out with your friends,  observe a game, or be a part of a huge event.

The Discordians hold weekly drop-in Dungeons and Dragons games on Wednesdays from 7-9 p.m., and they have a weekly board game night from 7-9 p.m. on Fridays. The club meets in the Little Room in Chase Hall this year. They are also in constant communication on their Discord server. For more information, email [email protected] or [email protected]