With a new year at hand, Bates College Student Government (BCSG) has more updates in order to make this year’s campaign run even smoother. The Student sat down with the Bates College Student President, Adedire Fakorede ’18  to discuss some of the upcoming events.

Currently, the BCSG is in the process of running the election for class representative, in which 38 students signed up to represent their class; their responsibilities include working to improve Bates and being the voice of their class. As the voice of their class, the representatives have to acknowledge and understand what the members of their grade are going through and then brainstorm ideas and plans to fix the issues.

Fakorede stated that the Class of 2020 representatives are showing a lot of enthusiasm, which is what the BCSG needs, for it is critical that they are willing and ready to address any concerns that may arise. The members who are selected to represent their class will join the BCSG and other elected officials on a day-camping trip to Camp Kieve. The purpose of the trip is for BCSG members to bond with one another as it is important for to develop a strong relationship as a community across class years.

Also  important to note, the BCSG is concerned with the relationship between students and campus security. Students are under the impression that campus security is invading their privacy; therefore, the BCSG wants to dispel these feelings and address concerns of students and faculty within the security office. In order to build a strong relationship between the students, specifically the first year students, and campus security, Fakorede said there will be more programs between security and students.

Further, colleges or universities that receive federal funding have to report crimes that occur on campus as well as ways in which the school plans on improving the crime. This protection law obligates campus security to report crimes, so by asking Bates security to stop reporting underage drinking is impossible because by law, they have too and we as students need to respect that.

Last year there was some concern over laws being changed in order to keep someone in a particular position, but that is changing. The BCSG is working on a way to hold elections for the student body president in March. The election typically takes place in December, around finals week, but seeing as the election takes place in December, there is always a period when no student holds office. To avoid this situation Fakorede hopes to make the student body presidential elections in May.

Besides making Election Day in March, the BCSG is also working to make the Constitution more defined with concrete rules, so that the student body may know exactly what is stated and how to more accurately defend their rights.

Before our conversation ended, Fakorede mentioned two other issues that he deemed important: EMS and the Facebook page. Recently Bates EMS received a raise in terms of funding, and the student government plans to work closely with Bates EMS to determine how this funding can be used beneficially in aiding students who require emergency medical service. In terms of the BCSG Facebook page, BCSG is working on creating a platform on which students can receive announcements for events that are occurring as well as voice their opinions. If voicing your thoughts on Facebook is not enough and you want to do it in person, Fakorede encourages students to attend an open BCSG meeting, held every Sunday at 7pm.