Police report no evidence for off-campus parties

Eleanor Boyle, Community Outreach Coordinator

On Aug. 25, Senior Associate Dean of Students Carl Steidel emailed students residing off campus about reports from “a number of neighbors regarding loud student gatherings at off-campus houses.” However, there is no evidence that students have actually hosted partied or large gatherings. 

According to the email, Steidel has received reports of gatherings that “seemed to involve more than just the residents of a particular house.” 

One of these reports described 15-20 students “announcing their arrival with a bullhorn.” In this case, the Lewiston Police Department was contacted and investigated the complaint. 

According to Lt. David St. Pierre, by the time LPD responded to the call, there was no evidence of any disturbance. LPD spoke to a female student at the house, located on College St., who stated that she did yell out in front of her own apartment, but was merely announcing her arrival last Thursday. 

Police haven’t filed a complaint or a report on this incident, and officers on the scene said that everyone was cooperative. 

Steidel warned students that if “any information in the police report indicates that provisions of the student public health agreement were violated, we will have no choice but to investigate and refer students to the student conduct process as appropriate.”

This health agreement states that students who hold gatherings of more than ten people will likely face suspension from Bates.  

Steidel also sent the email to parents and guardians of students living off-campus in order to make sure there is no misunderstanding about Bates expectations or the “consequences of ignoring these expectations.”

All students who are moving in this week were required to sign forms committing to their dedication and cooperation with all policies Bates issued in order to keep themselves, the Bates community, and greater Lewiston Auburn area safe. Students were also required to review COVID-19 guidelines and practices via Lyceum. 

Steidel ended the email with words that have been uttered so many times during this pandemic. 

“We are in this together.”

Sadie Basilla contributed to this report