Bates Campus Map


Max Devon, Assistant Design Editor

  1. Commons: Our beloved dining hall!
  2. Alumni Gymnasium: Built in 1926, this intimate athletic facility hosts the mens’ and womens’ basketball teams. 
  3. Gray Cage: In normal years, this building is the location for many student events, such as the Club Fair and Halloween Dance. This year, the Gray Cage will be a dining option for Bates’s “Dash” program. 
  4. Chase Hall: Chase Hall houses an assortment of events, clubs (like us, the Bates Student) and even the Den. Chase Hall is located right next to Ladd Library, so if you need a pick-me-up in between study sessions, the Den is a must (when it reopens).  
  5. Carnegie Science Hall: Carnegie holds most of the lectures for Bates’ science classes, excluding chemistry. At the top, there is a greenhouse and observatory. 
  6. Ladd Library: As the college’s only library, Bates students flock to Ladd to study with their friends or cram for exams. Bates’ research librarians — eager to help with any projects or essays — work out of Ladd. Many of the institution’s peer tutoring programs, such as the ARC and PALS, are located in this building as well.
  7. Roger Williams Hall: This red brick building is home to Bates’ language departments.
  8. Pettingill Hall: PGill, as it’s mostly known, hosts many of the social science departments such as Politics, Sociology, Economics and Psychology, as well as History and Africana. It has many great study spots, from the atrium to the numerous lounges. Additionaly, PGill has two computer labs on the second and third floors. Fun fact, there’s also a bomb shelter underneath the building.
  9. Hedge Hall: Home to the Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Environmental Studies departments. Several great study spaces and lounges are located in the building. The computer lab in the basement also has a color printer.
  10. Lane Hall: The Bates administration (including President Clayton Spencer) work out of this building. Before becoming the administration building, Lane was a dorm.
  11. Dana Chemistry Hall: As gleaned from the name, Dana is home to Bates’s Chemistry department. The building houses three large chemistry labs and a computer lab too.
  12. Pettigrew Hall: Also known as PGrew, this building hosts most of the Rhetoric and Drama departments. Several theaters, including Schaefer Theater, as well as the costume room, are also located in Pettigrew. 
  13. Hathorn Hall: The oldest building on campus — dating back to Bates’ founding — Hathorn boasts a clock tower on top that chimes at the beginning of each day (digitally, unfortunately). The building includes the English and Math departments, as well as many classrooms. Check out the computer lab on the second floor, too.
  14. Gomes Chapel: The historic and newly renovated chapel is named for Peter Gomes ’65, an enigmatic preacher who fought against homophobia and other forms of intolerance. Many of the school’s spiritual activities occur here. 
  15. Bates Museum of Art: The Museum of Art is home to many galleries, including both archival and student works. The building, Olin Arts Center, also includes many art classrooms and music studios. 
  16. Benjamin Mays Centre: Also known as the Silo due to its unique cylindrical shape, the Benjamin Mays center is a hub of student life and is the location for the Village Concert Series (VCS). 
  17. Underhill Arena: While normally the home of the ice rink, Underhill will be the location for Bates’s COVID-19 testing center this year. 
  18. Merrill Gymnasium: Housing both a swimming pool and an indoor track, Merrill is the center of Bates athletics. The building is also home to the cardio rooms, and various dance studios, as well as being the temporary home for the weight room.

First Year Residential Dorms/Houses: Check out Georgina Scoville’s First-Year Dorms Article to find out more! 

19. Kalperis Hall (65)

20. Chu Hall (55)

21. Miliken House

22. Frye House

23. Rand Hall

24. 280 College Street

25. Parker Hall

26. Page Hall

27. Wentworth Adams Hall