No Sports? No Problem. Here’s 15 of the Best Modern Sporting Events to Re-Watch

Many Americans didn’t consider the COVID-19 pandemic seriously until the NBA announced that it would be suspending its season. Shortly after, the NCAA cancelled its upcoming national championships, including the “March Madness” basketball tournament. American sports fans remained hopeful as the PGA tour commenced their annual Players Championship; only to announce the cancellation of the tournament before the start of the second round. 

It feels surreal to be living in a world without sporting events. In the past century, sports have become ingrained into the American culture. Baseball started as America’s most popular sport before being replaced by American football in the 20th century. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to turn on the TV without at least channel surfing through a broadcasted sporting event. 

Consider The Masters, a golfing spectacle dating back to 1934. The last time The Masters were cancelled was in 1945, the final year of World War II. In reaction to the current pandemic, the Masters have announced a postponement of the tournament. However, considering increasing concerns over COVID-19 and its spread, the Masters will likely be cancelled for the first time in 75 years. Although incredibly frustrating, this pandemic serves as a reminder that there are bigger things in life than sports. But just because there are no live sporting events to watch, doesn’t mean that you have to cut out sports entirely. 

That being said, I have compiled a list of 15 of the greatest modern sporting events in no specific order to watch in the comfort of your home (free on Youtube). Many of these events are hours long, which will help fight the inescapable boredom that comes with social distancing. 

  1. “2016 World Series, Game 7 (Cubs win World Series for First Time in over 100 years!)” -via MLB. (Run Time: 5:32:00) 
  2. “Super bowl 51 FULL GAME: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons” -via NFL. (Run Time: 2:25:06
  3. “Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal- Wimbledon 2008- The Final in full” – via Wimbledon. (Run Time: 6:13:17) 
  4. “#WorldCupAtHome England vs. USA (France 2019)” -via FIFATV. (Run Time: 1:54:35) 
  5. “Villanova vs. UNC: 2016 National Championship- FULL REPLAY” –via NCAA March Madness. (Run Time: 1:22:47) 
  6. “USA 2-3 Canada – Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal Match – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics” –via olympicsvancouver2010. (Run Time: 2:41:15) 
  7. “2005 Masters Final Round- Complete Broadcast- No Commercials” via The Masters. (Run Time: 4:57:10) 
  8. 2013 NBA Finals Game 6: San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat (SAS Leads 3-2)” via NBA. (Run Time: 2:16:26) 
  9. (this clip is only part of the game) “Watch the Game 7 collapse against Bruins in 2013 playoffs” -via SPORTSNETS. (Run Time: 00:46:44) 
  10. “2009 Stanley Cup Final Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings Game 7” -via Virgil Moody. (Run Time: 2:02: 43) 
  11. 2017 National Championship #3 Clemson vs. #1 Alabama” -via John Quinn. (Run Time: 3:16:56) 
  12. “Serena Williams vs Venus Williams Full Match- 2001 US Open 2001 Final” – via United States Tennis Association. (Run Time: 00:54:57) 
  13. “FULL KOBE BRYANT LAST GAME- JAZZ VS. LAKERS (13/04/2016)” – via Mustafa Khan. (Run Time: 2:48:56) 
  14. “Derek Jeter’s Final Game at Yankee Stadium (9/25/14) via MLB. (Run Time: 3:12:32) 
  15. Wisconsin vs. Kentucky: 2015 Final Four- FULL GAME” -via NCAA March Madness (Run Time: 1:24:08)