“Make That Soul Glow!”: An Uplifting Playlist

Alexandria Onuoha

It’s overwhelming and simply sad to be back home without receiving the proper closure from Bates. The news and their explicit headlines concerning the COVID- 19 makes everyone uneasy and not so optimistic about the future. However, this too shall pass and yes it is going slower than what we expect. One thing that is not canceled from our lives is music. I want to share with you all my playlist that helps my spirit feel cleansed and happy. Here is the link! If you don’t have Apple Music, just search the songs on YouTube!


Never Too Much – Luther Vandross

Luther is a R&B/Soul legend and his music will leave you happy and hopeful. This song is about a love interest and it is very respectful and gives you that old school feeling. Your parents might know this song!

Good Morning – Kanye West

Although Kanye is problematic, I will acknowledge that this is a great wake up song and the chorus is genius. If you don’t feel motivated to wake up play this song while you are laying down and in moments you will want to start your day. 

Optimistic – Sounds of Blackness

This song is a great message for what we as people are going through right now. It encourages us to be optimistic about the future!

Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn

Everyone knows this song once they hear it! Such a heartwarming song and Cheryl Lynn’s vocals are absolutely a force to be reckon with!

Magic – Coldplay

This is a slow song but I love the instrumentation of it and the lyrics are beautiful.

Right Where You Want Me – Jesse McCartney

Throwback! I believe this song was featured in one of the Halloween Town movies! Might make you take a step back in time.

I hope you all listen to this as we are social distancing. We got this! Take these times to stay home, wash your hands, and get to know yourself more.