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Self Care: Bachelor Edition

ABC’s “The Bachelor” airs as an opportunity for viewing routines and moments of non-academic group “activity.” This season is full of your weekly dose of reality television drama, and provides an excuse to spend time with the people who surround you.  

As campus becomes less populated by the question, “how was your break,” we continue the transition past syllabus week into the depths of the winter semester that is blanketed in Maine’s finest mix of snow and rain. Often, it is these transitional times that offer the best change in routine.

The Arts and Leisure section of the Bates Student encompasses just about any topic you could imagine; from student entrepreneurship, to skin care routines, to religion, art, performances in the community, and club spotlights or seasonal tips. If you’re looking for tips to better your transition into the Bates Community this season, look no further. Some light-hearted, some not so much. However, my suggestion for this “transitional season” is to find yourself dedicated to putting aside a few hours every Monday night.

The “Bachelor” franchise is one that has dominated the screen for reality television for nearly twenty years, including forty seasons of branching franchises including the “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor Pad,” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” I have not personally counted the number of hours that one could spend watching the franchise. But it could take years. The seasons provide many hours of entertainment and “sport” for those willing to follow the emotional journey that encapsulates falling in love on reality TV.

I have decided to set aside my Monday nights to watch “The Bachelor.” This season, Pilot Pete (as the Bachelor Nation knows him) is the star of the show. There has been no shortage of pilot jokes as he “takes flight” on his journey to find love. In the first episode, there were at least four women who introduced themselves by highlighting the simple fact that they worked as flight attendants. Truthfully, in order to sit through a two-hour episode, three things are necessary for success:

1.     You have to accept the polyamorous social experiment and acknowledge the depth of behind-the-scenes-management throughout the show. Any other mindset will not get you through two-months.

2.     Watch with friends. The only way to watch “The Bachelor” is with an enthusiastically, open-minded group of friends. Perhaps this is a show that brings a group of friends together or allows the commons dinner conversation to flourish with minimal effort. Especially on those nights when a free-flowing conversation is all that is needed to ease a busy day.

3.     Snacks. A big bowl full of popcorn, a cup full of tea, and a plate full of cookies are absolutely crucial in order to relax and enjoy the time spend away from homework.

Monday nights in my house have transformed into “scheduled” time that my friends and I have all set aside – despite papers, exams, group meetings, and other obligations. While this part of a weekly routine may seem “shallow,” I believe it is just as important as brushing your teeth. Well, maybe not that important. But nonetheless, it brings us together to do something that is not so demanding of our time and energy.  

Somehow, this show has us engaged in conversation about the ridiculous drama that unfolds on the screen, while simultaneously allows us to catch up on the events of the previous week. It provides a time and a space for us to spend time with one-another in a fun relaxing setting.

While, yes, the show is problematic in many ways. The focus of this article is to highlight the importance of including a light-hearted event into the routine of your life. As college students we so easily get caught up in work, classwork, athletics, planning committees, and clubs. While all of these things are wonderful and important for our mental health, it is also important to set aside time to spend bonding with friends. 

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