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A Guide to Breakfast in the Lewiston-Auburn Area

I love breakfast, although this hasn’t always been the case. When I was younger, eating food early in the morning before school made me nauseous. Thankfully, now that I have adjusted to college life and know never to take 8am’s ever again, I have been able to enjoy a later breakfast-time that starts my day off at a “10.”

If you’re on the meal plan, eating at Commons is super easy. The dining hall has basically everything you need for a great brunch or breakfast and is open exactly when you need it on weekends and weekdays. Along with breakfast being one of my favorite meals of the day, eating breakfast has many health benefits attached to it.

Eating carbs for breakfast, as many people do, actually helps to improve your memory. This is because carbs are essential for healthy brain functioning. In fact, there have been multiple studies on children,showing that people who eat breakfast have improved cognitive skills.

Eating breakfast also helps to prevent type two diabetes, as skipping breakfast can cause insulin resistance, which is a facet of type two diabetes. So all in all, breakfast is a wonderful time of the day and one that should be shared with others. Below I will list my favorite nearby spots, other that Commons, that offer the best breakfast and a wonderful way to start the morning in solitude or with friends!

The first place on the list is a no-brainer. Everyone knows Forage Market! Forage market is a great place for coffee, baked goods, and their signature bagel sandwiches. When walking into Forage you immediately smell the housemaid bagels and freshly ground coffee.

Forage is incredibly close to campus, as it is just down on Lisbon Street, which makes it a short car-ride, walk, or bike away. The cafe also has great tables and couches to sit at, which help to create a cozy ambiance.

I would recommend their classic “Squealer” made with local egg and cheese and your choice of bacon or sausage. If you are feeling adventurous I would recommend“The Cure” which has egg, brie, and prosciutto!

The second place is a hidden Lewiston gem. The Italian Bakery is a small bakery on the edge of Lewiston that has the most incredible breakfast sandwiches, breakfast wraps and baked goods. Although there is minimal seating at the bakery, the Italian Bakery is a great place to order ahead of time and then bring home to eat. My favorite thing to do when I go there is to order a breakfast sandwich. While I am waiting I will order a donut to curb my hunger (try out the chocolate glace! Really great work!).

Hurricane’s Cafe and Deli is also on my list of great breakfast places. If you are looking for traditional diner food look no further! Hurricane’s is a good fifteen minutes by car away from Bates but is worth the drive due to its traditional diner food and ambiance. I would recommend the eggs benedict and their bagel breakfast sandwiches!

 The last stop on my breakfast tour of the Lewiston area is the New Gloucester Village Store. This is by far the farthest away place from Bates, about a twenty minute drive, but is very much worth it. The store, which sells prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner food, is cozy and carries the quintessential “New England Village store” vibes.

I have come here to pick up pizza, craft beer and wine (if you are 21+) and have stopped in for breakfast on numerous occasions. I would recommend the omelettes or scrambles for first-time go-ers because they are so delicious and will cause you to be obsessed with the New Gloucester Village Store for life (or at least for the rest of the time you are at Bates). If you aren’t feeling scramble-y though, I would recommend their bagel with lox or their egg sandwiches.

I hope this list comes in handy when you are planning your next off-campus breakfast getaway!

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