Combatting the Bates Plague

It is that time of year again! Everyone has returned to campus, the weather is beginning to get colder, and the dance floor of 80s is essentially a petri dish. Each year in September and the beginning of October the annual Bates Plague rears its ugly head. Coughs, fevers, sore throats and runny noses fill classrooms and Commons alike leaving you to wonder how do I keep myself safe? And honestly the answer is, you can’t. I remember learning this freshman year when I saw a boy violently coughing on the quad in the morning and then exercising some strong PDA at the Lick It dance that evening. Sick people will always be around you, and although that won’t change, there are some preventative measures you can take.

  1. Zinc
    Taking a Zinc vitamin every day is a great way to boost your immune system. Every time I start feeling sick I take one Zinc tablet after a meal. They are easy to acquire via Amazon or the local Walmart and are relatively inexpensive, between four and five dollars for a bottle of about 30 pills or so.
  2. Wash your hands more than you think you should
    Yes, you may not be the (un)lucky companion of the boy I saw at Lick It freshman year but you still touch things every day that are also touched by those who may be coming down with something. Wash your hands often, be conscious before you put them in your mouth or touching your face. Hand sanitizer is great in a pinch but there is nothing better for maintaining a healthy body than hot water and soap.
  3. Work out
    Get the blood flowing and the muscles moving! Working out is a great way to sweat toxins out of your body. Be sure to add in some cardio, allowing your body to open your lungs and ward off potential respiratory infections!
  4. Eat Broccoli
    Random, yes I am aware, but broccoli is high in Vitamin C and contains antioxidants that help to boost your immune system. Often seen steamed in the Bates College Commons Bobcat Bar, broccoli should not be slept on. Add a little salt and pepper and your immune system will thank you!

In conclusion, as we begin the month of October, being conscious of your immune system and general health is important. Maine is known for getting very cold very quickly, so alongside these quirky suggestions for staying afloat during plague season, be sure to do the tried and true basics first. Getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking enough water and exercising general cleanliness are incredibly important parts of maintaining a healthy life. There is nothing worse than having to take a test or write a paper when you aren’t feeling well, I hope some of these tips help other bobcats survive the infamous Bates Plague.