Motivation with Maru: Half-Assed vs. the Whole Booty

Hullo hullo my feisty friends!! It’s ya gorl Maru back with a lil’ motivational mojo to help y’all get through Finals Week! Today I’m going to be discussing giving a half-assed effort and the results that follow vs. giving a full 110% effort (AKA the whole booty) and the results that follow! Let’s get on into it!

I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say “oh whatever, I’ll just half-ass it” the night before the paper is due. Or, “I can’t believe I did so well, I only half-assed it!!” after someone gets a good grade on an exam. Sometimes due to a time crunch or other barrier, the only thing we can do is half-ass our work, which is better than no effort at all! But it is not the best effort we can give. If we only put in a half-assed effort in studying for our Spanish Final, we’ll likely get a half-assed grade. If we put in a half-assed effort in rehearsing our note cards for a presentation, we’ll likely give a half-assed presentation. So how can we give a full 110% effort? The secret to giving a whole-booty-effort is to do all the little things. When you ask yourself “Could I go over these flash cards at practice today?” HECK TO THE YES!! If you ask yourself “Should I go to the Athletic Trainers’ before practice to check in about my knee?” HECK TO THE YES. And of course, give tasks, assignments and projects the time they deserve. * Need a little spicy-mami-hot-tamale-video to help kick start your day? Search “Amber motivational speech” on YouTube and watch the video called “A message for You” * BEST of luck with Finals y’all!! All of my love, Maru