Skin Care Routine of the Week: Lotions and Potions to Healthy Skin

Growing up, my mom loved to pamper my sisters and I with a facewash and some good smelling lotion before we went to bed. Eventually, as ridiculous as this sounds, I grew up and got my very own good smelling facewash. My dad calls the bottles of products my mom and I use “lotions and potions” as they quickly fill countertops in our bathrooms. I grew up valuing the time of day where you take special care and show a little extra kindness for the skin on your body. Especially growing up in the Rocky Mountains where days in the sun are long and intense, this kind routine full of lotions and potions is important!

My skin care routine has since evolved after countless adventures through stores filled with different products. But it has never has strayed from finding formulas that keep my skin happy and healthy, my complexion clear, and my confidence high. I have recently been using products from Tata Harper which is a company based in Vermont that creates formulas free from GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemicals. I love all of the products I have used from the brand. Its fragrance is both relaxing and revitalizing and the products make my skin feel alive and healthy.

Every time I was my face, I start out by rinsing with water, sometimes warm, sometimes cold; and then dry it just enough so it stays moist. I do not usually wear a lot of make-up, so I never use a solution dedicated to only removing makeup. If I am wearing makeup I sometimes ignore the residue left behind, but often just use a q-tip to get the mascara around my eyes.

After I do the initial rinse, I use a regenerating cleanser from Tata Harper. This “potion” is an exfoliator but is gentle enough on my skin to be able to use it in the morning and in the evening. I put it on my dry skin and leave it for a few minutes. I dry my face after rinsing and then spray it with “Hydrating Floral Essence” from Tata Harper. Hydrating with this formula before moisturizing allows moisturizers to be soaked up as much as possible.

After the toner has dried I put on a Reparative Moisturizer and a Retinoic Nutrient face oil. I usually only do these two steps in the evening because both give my face a chance to heal while I sleep. In the morning I start with the same steps, but instead of the moisturizer and face oil, I put on a BB crème from the Body Shop that acts as a moisturizer and a refreshing start to the day. During the summer, I put sunscreen on daily as an additional step to the process.

I also use a lavender oil from Dr. Hauschka, which is a similar brand to Tata Harper. I often put the oil on my neck and chest before I go to bed, after I have done all of the other steps to my routine. I recognize that our skin deserves all the best, as it endures stress, sun, and all of the other parts of the day. This routine has become some of the most relaxing and revitalizing parts of my day. The “lotions and potions” that fill the bathroom counters are all put to good use.