Chello chello my feisty friends! I hope that y’all had a fan-freakin-tabulous February break and that y’all are as stoked for spring as I am! Speaking of spring, happy March! Soon the snow will be melting, the days will continue to get longer, and Short Term will be upon us! Until then, we do have to endure the last few weeks of classes before finals, all the while navigating mud season. Here are a few tips to help give y’all a boost in this often-greyish slushy month!

First and foremost, the month is what we make of it. If we allow the gloom to penetrate our positive vibes, it’s easy to toss the towel in. So, we must persevere! Try to do little things –such as spicing up your room décor– in order to have a more enthusiastic living environment; get some new twinkly lights, swap out your pillow cases for brighter colored ones, or try leaving punchy positive little sticky notes around your room such as “Good morning sunshine!” or “You’re going to SLAY the day!”

Itching for summer? It is never too soon to brainstorm and make plans for when sunnier days come! Text a friend and see if they want to road trip to Old Orchard Beach in late spring, or even start a bucket-list of things you want to do this summer! Want to get better at longboarding? Write it down! Want to make a point of doing a different hike once a week? Write it down! The world is your oyster, start cultivating your garden of ideas and get excited for warmer months!

Make an effort to make your tomorrow-self’s life easier. Have an assignment coming up? Start it NOW. Your tomorrow-self will thank you when they can take an extra nap! Have an employer you need to touch base with? Call them TODAY. Your tomorrow-self will thank you! Make March the month of preparation and perseverance!

Wishing all of y’all a very happy first week of March, you’ve got this!!