Motivation with Maru

Hullo hullo my feisty friends, I hope that y’all are doing fan-freaking-tastic! In today’s edition of Motivation with Maru we’re going to talk about the Law of the Universe and some other feel good shenanigans that might help you have a more positive, open-minded perspective! LET’S DO THIS!

The Law of the Universe, when boiled down to its essence, basically states that all people, thoughts, and feelings have certain vibrational frequencies. So, when we put out positive/empowered thoughts and feelings, they end up coming back to us! Think in terms of karma: if we sass our sibling, maybe we stub our toe right after. That’s karma. We cheer on our teammates at a meet and in return perform well in our race. That’s the Law of the Universe! If we spread love and positivity, it’ll boomerang back to us.

As you go about your day, try doing little things with great kindness to put out some good vibes. If you pass by someone in Post and Print with an absolutely poppin’ outfit, be brave and compliment them! When you walk into Commons, greet whoever is at the check-in desk with a friendly “How are you?” You best believe that the receiver of your kindness will feel grateful, and you best believe that you will feel good, too! Another way to channel all of this mumbojumbo: if you wake up in the morning on the day of a test in a crabby state, can’t seem to get the hot water flowing in the shower, and miss omelets in Commons, you might feel as though the forces of the universe are frowning down upon you. It’d be super easy to just slip into this series of unfortunate events, have a crappy test as a result, and allow your morning to negatively influence the rest of your day. But, it is in these challenging moments when we must choose to rise up and keep-on-keeping on as positively as possible no matter what life throws at us!

Prep-yourself up for some feel-good-feels down the road, too! Write a little message to yourself a few weeks/months ahead in your planner with a little bit of punchy mojo! When the day comes that you open your planner to the day that you wrote a little message to yourself, it’ll 40983% bring a glow to your heart! Wishing y’all all the good vibes in the world. Here’s to tackling this final week before break, we can do this! Until next time!

With love, Maru