A Merrill-Focused Running Playlist

Pippin Evarts, assistant Arts & Leisure editor

Running is one of my favorite forms of exercise to do at Bates. When I’m stressed or have a lot on my mind, I go running; when I am happy and want a boost of extra endorphins, I go running; when I might have over-caffeinated at Commons, I go running. And, being the geographically challenged girl that I am, I prefer running on the treadmill rather than through local Lewiston streets. Either way, I put on my sneakers on and shuffle my favorite running playlist on Spotify.

Quite frankly, finding the perfect song that matches my mood is more of a challenge than motivating myself to run. Maybe I am feeling peppy and empowered by my choice to run (because, of course, my body is a temple): I want my running music to reflect that. Maybe I am feeling tired, lethargic, and angsty as a result of stress and I want my music to motivate and fuel my post-teenage-still-prevailing angst (we have all been there).

I get many of my music from suggestions from friends or, if I am feeling super driven, stalking other people’s Spotify playlists. Hope to see you all on the tredmills in Merrill!

“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child – A tried and true favorite. After listening to this song, I too feel better now that the fictitious boy in the song has left my life. I don’t need him! I am a survivor, I can work harder, and you best believe I can! Pro tip: I recommend this song for interval training… or when you are feeling low and just need a good motivation song.

“Thank You, Next” by Arianna Grande – For me, this falls into the same category as “Survivor”: the song is about being better off without a previous lover. I would personally like to thank Pete Davidson for not being good enough for Ms. Grande just so she could write this song. A little slower than “Survivor,” this is a great addition to any long distance running playlist.

“Loving is Easy” by Rex Orange County – This is the perfect song for a run outside on a sunny, spring day in balmy, 65 degree weather. And, even if the weather is amiss, this song is an upbeat and lovely song that is bound to cheer you up and keep you riding that post-workout endorphin high for the rest of the day. Some other songs by Rex that are bound to make your day, on and off the elliptical, are “Best Friend” and “Sunflower.”

“Biking” by Frank Ocean, JAY Z, Tyler the Creator – I am a huge fan of the collaboration between these three articles. The track is a great addition to any long-distance running playlist because it has a great beat. Plus, because biking is a form of exercise, you can totally imagine that you’re working out alongside Frank Ocean as he sings that he’s “biking uphill and it’s burning [his] quads.” Who needs workout partners when you have Frank Ocean singing to you in your ear?

“Colors” by Halsey – Halsey creates the epitome of angsty, love-life-gone-awry music that is my favorite for running. As stated, being ensconced in a fictitious world where a lover has wronged me allows me to leave my everyday reality and run really fast! The fast beat of this song adds to the overall emotionally driven experience Halsey brings to your workout.

“Africa” by Toto – Who doesn’t know and love this song? If you aren’t belting out those lyrics about blessing the rains down in Africa, do you even have a pulse? I read that when working out, the best way to relax the most muscles at once is to smile, and this song definitely makes me smile. And hey, maybe while you’re working out and this song somes on, you can think of me belting out the lyrics whilst running on the treadmill next to Professor Loring Danforth; I promise you’ll smile too.