Bates Welcomes Planned Parenthood Gen Action Club


Members congregate at the first club meeting. ANNI GUNDECK/ COURTESY PHOTO

Pippin Evarts, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

Bates College prides itself on its slew of amazing clubs and organizations. Offering everything from the Outing Club to the Chess Club, the college fosters an inclusive environment for people looking to get more involved in their community. A recent addition to Bates’ lengthy list of clubs and organizations is Planned Parenthood Generation Action.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is a national network of college student-activists who organize events on and around their campuses and communities to raise public awareness about reproductive health and rights and to educate and mobilize their peers about sexual health and reproductive freedom.

The activist organization and network is one that we are now proud to include in the campus community. The group formed at Bates mere months ago, but it has already begun to zero in on some of its goals. The club’s main goal is to supply affordable and accessible contraception on campus. Group members are currently working to install contraceptive vending machines around campus. This goal is a new and forward-thinking way to approach sexual health and reproductive freedom here at Bates.

Anni Gundeck ‘21, the club’s student data manager, said that she was most excited about having a “group working exclusively for issues regarding reproductive rights.”
“The work of planned parenthood is so necessary on college campuses everywhere, so I’m excited to hopefully increase access to PP resources at Bates,” said Gundeck. Gundeck is a sophomore at Bates from Poughkeepsie, NY, and works remotely for her hometown Planned Parenthood affiliate.

Having this club at Bates and as a part of our campus community is an amazing privilege. Fortunately, we are already a very sexually educated campus thanks to our infamous Sex Week, an event-based continuation of sexual health education. Adding Planned Parenthood Gen Action will only further Bates’ push for a sexually and reproductively free and healthy campus.

College is, and should be, a sexually liberating time for young people. Adding Planned Parenthood Generation Action to Bates’ list of incredible clubs and organizations will only benefit our campus community as we work to create a safe and healthy attitude surrounding sex and reproductive health. Being able to instill a campus-wide understanding of what it means to be sexually healthy is something that should be regarded with immense appreciation. If you are interested in joining Planned Parenthood Generation Action, please contact Nina Moskowitz ‘20, Analea Angot ‘20, Diana Flores ‘20, Sofie Sogaard ‘20, or Anni Gundeck ‘21.

Members congregate at the first club meeting. ANNI GUNDECK/ COURTESY PHOTO