Skin Routine of the Week: The Natural Route to Confidence

Caroline Carreras, Contributing Writer

For a while now, I’ve had problem skin and it has been a huge insecurity of mine. Growing up, I experienced everything from stubborn redness and inflammatory acne to puffy under-eyes. However, after visiting the dermatologist too many times to count and trying all sorts of medications, I decided to go my own route. I now focus on a skin care routine that makes me, and my skin, feel good. It has changed a lot over the years, but for the time being it keeps my skin extremely clear, allowing me to feel super confident!

I start out with removing any makeup I wore that day with a basic makeup-remover wipe. In my experience, I’ve found most brands accomplish the same purpose: they remove the outer layer of dirt and oil from the face, but not everything. I like makeup-removing wipes by Simple the best. Afterwards, I get rid of any residual, stubborn makeup (a.k.a., mascara and eyeliner) by using micellar water. My favorite micellar solution is from Bioderma, but I also recommend Simple’s micellar water as well. The latter is a more affordable option, and equally as effective.

After all my makeup is removed, I go all in with a cleanser. I’ve been switching up my skin care products to go as natural as possible because I’ve gathered that natural ingredients are safer for sensitive skin like mine. That said, Origins’ Checks and Balances Face Wash is perfect for all skin types and gives you that squeaky-clean feeling without being too drying. And if I need an extra pick me up, I’ll use Origins’ Charcoal Mask for an even deeper clean to clear any extra dirt away from my pores. Luckily, the mask is really mild and leaves my skin feeling super refreshed.

Because I have combination skin, my t-zone is really oily. However, my chin and cheeks are on the drier side. I’ve always been told that I shouldn’t moisturize to avoid excess oil and was really skeptical for a while about using a facial oil. Naturally, I was worried that I’d look like a greaseball. However, let me say, facial oils are a game changer! Even if you have oily skin, facial oils are a great way to restore moisture and add a youthful glow to your face. They’ll even promote elasticity and potentially decrease wrinkles later on!

Fun fact: when you add moisture to your face, it then does not overcompensate by producing more oil. Therefore, you’ll potentially avoid clogged pores and acne. I use the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, which, at $40 at Sephora, is quite expensive. But I’ve found that it’s worth the price because you only need a drop or two per use. So, it lasts a long time. Also, I’ve recently acquired a jade roller because I saw people raving about them for their ability to promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness. I hopped on the bandwagon–and I’ve actually noticed a huge difference.

After using facial oil, I usually wait at least 30 minutes to moisturize because I find that everything is able to better soak into my skin. My favorite moisturizer is First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream–I’ll never use anything else, period. The cream is formulated to help redness, rosacea, eczema, and acne. It is the best product on earth!

Post repair cream, I use an eye cream to prevent wrinkles. I love Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Treatment: it’s natural, a little goes a long way, and it keeps me feeling refreshed. I’ll then treat any pimples with Boscia’s Willowbark Spot Treatment to help reduce the size and redness of blemishes overnight. Willowbark is a fabulous, natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Lastly, I use a heavy duty lip balm to keep my lips soft both overnight and throughout the morning. The Laniege Lip Mask is like a more intense version of lip balm. It soaks into your lips and by the morning, they feel super soft and supple.

Most of these products are on the high end side, but skin care is something I am willing to invest in because, at the end of the say, it helps me feel so much more confident. I hope some of you find this helpful for natural and clearer skin!