Whose Perspective?: A Critique of The Bates Student Reporting

The article “Bates Perspective on Hong Kong” (which I will refer to as “Perspective”), featured in the last issue of The Bates Student, raises critical concerns about objectivity and integrity through biased rhetoric which overgeneralized, misinformed, and misrepresented its subject matter. By assuming to constitute a single perspective, the title “Bates Perspective” already initiates a […]


Athletic Facilities See Significant Summer Updates

This summer, numerous athletic facilities finally received much-needed upgrades, updates, or complete replacement. While many other facets of Bates such as student living and academic buildings have seen upgrades or new infrastructure, athletics has lagged a bit behind. However, athletic director Jason Fein and senior associate director of athletics Celine Cunningham were proactive this past […]


Cory Booker In Portland, Greets The Student

Full Disclosure: Polkinghorn gained access to this event through a family donation. This article does not endorse any particular candidate. On Saturday, September 7, United States senator from New Jersey and presidential candidate Cory Booker departed from the usual New Hampshire and Iowa circuits to pay a visit to Portland, Maine for a speaking engagement […]