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Why Does This Indigenous Photograph in Commons Not Have a Plaque?

The next time you’re looking for a place to study and all the PGill lounges are full (and you’ve inevitably made uncomfortable eye contact with the person studying in each one), consider heading to the cozy Whelan Balcony Overlook in Commons (above the Fireplace Lounge). As you enter, you may notice a striking photograph hanging […]


Food Waste: Thirty-two thousand, seven hundred and forty-one pounds of it

We produced 32,741 pounds of food waste that was converted into pig food in October. What a staggering number, right? Nonetheless, more waste needs to be examined. There is also the consideration of materials that are composted (food, tea bags and stirrers,) recycled (paper, plastics, tin, glass, and cardboard) and, finally, unconverted trash going to […]


The Myth of Self-Segregation

“The legal battle against segregation is won, but the community battle goes on.” This quote by Dorothy Day highlights how, legally, people have the ability to be in the same space with people who come from backgrounds different from their own; however, due to societal hierarchies not everyone has the ability to express themselves in […]