Health and Safety for Old Frye Street Houses

Recent chemical lab tests have determined that some houses on Frye Street have lead paint layered into their walls. The houses with definite presences of lead in the exterior paint are Chase, Frye, Hacker, Herrick, Mitchell, Moulton, Pierce, Whittier, and Wilson. No interior paint was found to have a significant amount of lead. Future tests […]


The Ins and Outs of Indigenous Archaeology

Learning about the career and accomplishments of Bates professor, Dr. Kristen Barnett, and sensing her passion, it’s hard to believe that she didn’t always know that she wanted to be an anthropologist. Dr. Barnett, who received her PhD in cultural heritage and archaeology from the University of Montana, admits that this was, in fact, the […]


Behind the Scenes of Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival is a week long series of iconic Bates events, but many students have never stopped to consider what goes into planning the festivities. Classic events like Puddle Jump are paired with fun winter activities like Snowman Building and Rail Jam to create a week full of stress-relieving and seasonal activities for the whole […]


Bates College Student Government Asks the Hard Questions on Tuition Hikes

Last Wednesday, Jan. 15, the Bates College Student Government (BCSG) welcomed Bates Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer Geoffrey Swift to their first meeting of the winter semester to discuss the bane of Bates–the rising cost of tuition. While this is an issue affecting just about every institution of higher education, few colleges […]


Seeking Representation in Male-Dominated Spaces: Women in Debate

It is no secret that debate teams in higher education have struggled with upholding equal representation of women and gender minorities. At Bates this is no exception. With incoming classes, the gender ratio is usually balanced in debate practices; however, after their first year many women decide to leave, shifting the balance. The reasons as […]

Bates Health Center

Bates Gets the Flu

FULL DISCLOSURE: Madeline Polkinghorn is the Managing News Editor of The Bates Student. At the beginning of finals week, Madeline felt the dreaded symptoms of extreme fatigue, a bad cough, and nausea. Like most dedicated Bates students, she attempted to ignore her symptoms and tried to push through the stress of finals week. However, when […]

A Bates peace pipe found in Muskie Archives
Arts & Leisure

Uncovering a Historic Bates Tradition: The Pipe Orations

Non-Native (and predominantly white) Americans have a long history of appropriating Native culture. Despite hundreds of years of destruction of Native peoples and assimilation into white settler culture, white Americans have held a fascination towards Indigenous traditions.  From the foundations of many American summer camps and scouting troops, to movies like Pocahontas and Dances with […]


Diversity in the Democratic Presidential Election

The 2020 presidential election has been on people’s minds since the last election four years ago. The Democratic hopefuls began as the most diverse group in history in terms of race and gender, yet by the Jan. 14 debate, it was an all-white stage. Though this could be for many reasons, it is important to […]