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Art Walk Brings L/A Community Together

A performer at Art Walk L/A. JAMES MACDONALD/THE BATES STUDENT A community member contemplating work at Art Walk L/A. JAMES MACDONALD/THE BATES STUDENT Bates students perform at Art Walk L/A. JAMES MACDONALD/THE BATES STUDENT Music floats on the warm summer wind at the monthly Lewiston Auburn Art Walk. Tin Panic Steel Band, dressed in festive […]

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Best shows to watch in 2013

With the New Year comes new TV shows to watch and the mid-season winter returns of some old favorites. Now that February is almost upon us, here’s a quick update on the best shows to watch in the coming months as the cold weather keeps you bundled up inside in front of your television or […]

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Arts Crawl shines light on talent of artistic Batesies

In the chilly, single-digit temperatures of Friday night, the glow of paper bag lanterns guided visitors along the path of the annual Bates Arts Crawl. Bundling up in parkas, knitted hats, and mittens, students, faculty, staff, and L-A residents spent the evening enjoying a range of creative activities and exhibitions across campus. A colorful map […]

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Naral’s brings Greek-Middle Eastern fusion cuisine to L-A

Is this the tenth day in a row that you’ve gone to the pasta bar? If so, it’s probably time to admit that you’re in a Commons rut. Narals might be the perfect place for you! This year-old Auburn restaurant promises an authentic taste of the Middle East without being intimidatingly exotic. Narals is an […]

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Q&A Spotlight on Bates College’s own “Morangutan”

On the Bates College music scene, there’s one group on campus that has become familiar to most everyone. This band’s unique fusion of funk, hip-hop, and soul has made not only an impression on campus music lovers, but it also hopes to inspire a new generation of hopeful and upcoming groups. Before their Friday night […]

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Book Review: The Art Forger blends art history and mystery

In 1990, two men disguised as policemen broke into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and stole Edgar Degas’ Impressionist painting After the Bath. The theft sets in motion the backdrop for Barbara Shapiro’s new novel, The Art Forger, part mystery, part romance, part historical fiction–but all-around entertaining. Shapiro’s 2010s-era heroine, Claire Roth, is […]

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Daniel Oyolu emanates preppy-dressy-casual in Cat Country

When any college student wakes up in the morning, it’s fair to say that blazers and button-down shirts are not the go-to fashion choice. For Daniel Oyolu, however, sporting this attire is part of his everyday life at Bates. Like many lovers of the fashion world, Oyolu found his sense of style developing during his […]

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Tarantino runs wild in Django Unchained

Throughout the past few months’ busy season of film releases, audiences have been filing into Django Unchained theaters with high expectations for director Quentin Tarantino’s newest blockbuster about slavery and the violent conflict that surrounded it. Weighing in at two hours and forty-five minutes, Django is clearly not a short movie. The action, however, is […]