Democrats in Division

In the countless politically-charged articles that graze my social media timelines daily, no word meets my eyes more than “polarizing.” Normally, the opinionated authors of these articles use this word to assess the evolving relationship between the Democrat and Republican Parties. But frankly, it now seems that we’ve lost sight of the polarizing nature that […]

Arts & Leisure

Mindfulness is Essential

Mental health is a popular topic amongst the Bates student body. There are GPAs to maintain, careers to plan, social lives to balance and an unending list of things that we tackle everyday. It can all get overwhelming, especially when emotional and physical health are in the picture; balancing everything together can be challenging and […]


MLK and Masculinity

Because weather prevented her from joining us on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Dartmouth professor and author Shatema Threadcraft came to Bates to speak about her research paper “Gender Trouble: Manhood, Inclusion and Justice” on Thursday, April 25th instead. Politics professor Nina Hegel and Philosophy professor Paul Schofield facilitated the panel discussion, asking Threadcraft some […]


Letter to the Editor, The Bates Student

Earlier this week, I sent a letter to returning students and their families regarding the single fee for the 2019-20 academic year. I write this letter to provide some additional context for understanding the factors that inform our approach to setting the number. The residential liberal arts experience is an expensive form of education to […]


Say Yes to Fulbright

Students entered Keck on Thursday afternoon to an unfamiliar setting. Instead of current college kids filling the rows, former fulbright scholars stood with nametags, chatting and milling about. They offered advice that students should make sure to spend time outside of the United States, and to delve into these cultures instead of only visiting in […]


Rising Tuition Incites Petition

On Tuesday, April 23rd, Bates Students and families received an email from President Clayton Spencer concerning tuition for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. Bate’s single fee will total the large sum of 71,388 dollars, an increase of 2,370 dollars over last year’s total price. The tuition hike is not unique to this specific academic year. The […]


Being Jewish at Bates

When I began my college search, my mom and I spent countless hours scouring websites like College Confidential and Niche, as most high school students do. My mother and I, however, were not searching for which potential schools had programs that piqued my interest, were the right size, or in an optimal location, but rather […]