Coronavirus News

Coronavirus Concerns Explode across the NESCAC : A Timeline

As of now, Bates is the last NESCAC college planning to remain in session as the Coronavirus pandemic progresses. Although the college indicated that it plans to complete the winter semester as scheduled, uncertainty and confusion about the future of athletics, finances, performances, events and short term remain. The Student is committed to providing live […]

Coronavirus News

Bates Students Abroad Feel the Impact of COVID-19

Preparing to study abroad is daunting, to say the least. As students apply to exchange programs, they commonly worry about how they’ll adjust to a foreign country, if they’ll make friends easily, and how their coursework will compare to their classes at home.What they probably don’t imagine happening is multi-week quarantines, bans on traveling outside […]


Dancing Will Save Lives At Upcoming Dance Marathon

It’s that time of year again. Your fellow Batesies are posting on social media about the Dance Marathon for the children’s hospital, and they’re asking you to donate. You read the little blurb about the kids, think about the status of your bank account, and just when you think you’re good to do it, you […]


High Times: Where to Buy Weed in L/A

Author: Mary Jane (pen name)  Thanks to the Marijuana Legalization Act which took effect in Maine in 2016, there has been a plethora of new marijuana dispensaries popping up in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Although marijuana is not legal on the Bates College campus, this article is aims to be a source of information for those […]

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Why Does This Indigenous Photograph in Commons Not Have a Plaque?

The next time you’re looking for a place to study and all the PGill lounges are full (and you’ve inevitably made uncomfortable eye contact with the person studying in each one), consider heading to the cozy Whelan Balcony Overlook in Commons (above the Fireplace Lounge). As you enter, you may notice a striking photograph hanging […]