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SEX WEEK: What Does Love Mean To You?

“Love” is a word that means many different things to different people. This is a series of brief interviews that captures what love means to 15 Bates students. 


Lauren Cockrill ‘26

Love is like the feeling of the sun on your face.

Paige Bilich ’26

Love means meeting people where they’re at.


Kate Rentzepis ‘26

Love means having a shared excitement and the desire to share.


Gemma DeCarolis ‘26

Love reminds me of family, showing up for people, reliability, consistency, trust, showing affection, hugs.


William Butler ‘26

I’m not sure what love means.


Ellie Schueler ‘25

Love is free flowing.


Willa Laski ‘26

Love means caring really deeply, and not being afraid of your own emotions.


Wade Intrator ’26

Love means loving yourself.


Hana Roggendorf ‘27

Love makes you feel a sense of comfort, safety, and warmth.


Crow Morgane ‘27

Love comes in a variety of forms.


Callie Kimball ‘92

Love means understanding deeply.


Lucy Sterba ‘26

Love is not always positive.


Gail Curtis ‘26

Love means sharing yourself.


Amelia Killackey ‘25

Love consists of many little things.


Sarah Smith ‘26

Love is the state of being wherein other people’s happiness dictates your own.


Love is an arbitrary and abstract concept that shapes a large portion of our human lives. It is worthwhile to ask yourself and those around you what love means. Showing that you love someone can be harder than you think, so knowing what makes people feel loved is a great start.

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