A Strikingly Good Deal “Just-in-Time” for Maine Winter


Credit: Evan Ma ’23

Christina Leonard, Executive Managing Editor

Let’s face it, Maine in the wintertime can be far too cold for the outdoors. If you are a Bates Outing Club member (who I’m sure are all much braver than I), please don’t be offended by my last sentence. I am just weak and fearful of frostbite. 

Although I do enjoy my fair share of skiing and ice skating, I’m often looking for more indoor activities—other than sitting in Commons with my fourth cup of tea or bundled up watching the latest HBO mini-series (with more tea). 

So, if you are anything like me, I have just what you’ve been looking for! 

Over Winter Break, Evan Ma ’23 and Mack Reynolds ’23 found themselves in a bowling alley in Connecticut that offered a special deal of $15 per person for unlimited bowling from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

Upon their return to Bates, the two were hoping for a similar offer because, “bowling is a perfect activity for [the winter months],” Reynolds said. “There are local businesses and restaurants around here that have good deals for Bates students, so I figured that the bowling alley should as well.” 

Ma and Reynolds learned to bowl for fun as kids. However, more recently, the pair have begun watching professional bowling to gain some new skills. In Maine, where many winter activities like skiing and snowboarding can be inaccessible because of cost and skill barriers – bowling is a new and exciting solution. 

They decided to visit Just-In-Time Recreation Bowling in Lewiston last week to inquire about a deal. They spoke to the manager who was thrilled with the idea and struck a deal for all Bates students – students can show their Bates ID at Just-in-Time Bowling and pay three dollars per game with free shoe rental. 

The regular rate is $4.75 per game and shoe rental is $3.50. “This $3.00-deal is the league rate, so that’s essentially for all the professional Lewiston bowlers that go in there consistently, so it’s a pretty big deal that Bates students will be able to tap into that as well,” Reynolds explained.  

The manager also expressed that if Bates students were interested in forming a club, they could do some special types of leagues for them, Ma added. 

If you are interested in starting/participating in a Bowling Club/League at Bates College, email Evan Ma and Mack Reynolds who may be professionals by the end of the semester.