Candid ‘Cats

Welcome back to Candid ‘Cats, where our photographers highlight a photo from the week and life at Bates. 

Meet Tilly, one of my favorite people to hang out with on campus. Tilly is a seven year old Golden Retriever that lives at 96 Campus Avenue in the Residence Life Offices. On days that I need to get away from school and life (which is quite often) Tilly is always there to sit and listen. On this day her owner allowed my friend Alex Voight-Shelley ‘24 and me to take Tilly on an afternoon walk, we walked throughout campus stopping as other students awed in Tilly’s beauty. We walked through the quad running through the leaves with Tilly posing for pictures capturing the beautiful fall foliage. The thing I miss most about home is my dogs and having interactions with dogs on campus such as Tilly, make me feel happy and comforted when I’m having a bad day. Tilly truly is the best person on campus and truly loves her life as a college pup!